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The 2223 Dalek invasion of Earth was an attack on humanity by the Daleks led by a Dalek Supreme, seeking to dominate humanity once more and take possession of all technology developed on Earth since their invasion in the 2180s. The Parliament of the Daleks ultimately decided to postpone the invasion.



The Daleks twice conquered Earth in the previous century, occupying the planet from 2154 to 2164 (AUDIO: Masters of Earth) or 2157 to 2167 (PROSE: Lucifer Rising) and from the late 2180s to the early 2190s. (AUDIO: Lucie Miller / To the Death) In the wake of these events, Earth became a corporatocracy where technological advancement to recover from the invasions as well as to prevent another were seen as being of paramount importance. As they recovered, humanity remained afraid of the Daleks' return. (AUDIO: Faustian, Prey, Vengeance)

Before the Dalek Emperor (PROSE: The Novel of the Film) and the Parliament of the Daleks, (PROSE: The Runes of Fenric) the Dalek Litigator found the Old Master guilty of crimes against the Daleks and had him executed. Upon learning that he had survived, the Dalek Litigator contracted Vienna Salvatori to assassinate him to carry out the sentence that he had passed. (AUDIO: Vengeance) After travelling through time to reach the Master in 2223, Vienna pursued him through London and finally confronted him in the London Underground, pushing him in front of an oncoming train. However, the Master avoided it at the last moment. (AUDIO: Prey)


Wanting the Master dead, the Litigator discreetly brought about the invasion whilst allowing a Dalek Supreme, who was in truth a puppet of his, to believe that it was his own strategy. The Supreme landed in Trafalgar Plaza in a flying saucer whilst hundreds of other Daleks flew alongside, causing devastation to London City. He was also accompanied by the Dalek Litigator, whose presence he tolerated whilst denying him any authority and making it clear that he believed that he had no use in this mission. The Supreme broadcast a message to humanity informing them of the Daleks' return and ordering them to return to their homes, threatening to exterminate any resistance.

The Daleks captured the government building in London City and, when the Litigator advised him that power was held by corporations, the Supreme ordered that the ten most powerful business owners by gathered there. The Supreme also permitted the Litigator to locate Magnus Drake so long as he did not interfere with his invasion. The business owners, including Drake, Li Zhao and Raxle's vice-chairman, were brought to the government building and exterminated, although the Supreme spared Drake for the Litigator; Drake confirmed that the Master was on Earth and the Litigator contacted Vienna, asking her to deliver him dead or alive.

Sixty Daleks attacked the Master and Lila Kreeg at the Vauxhall Building but suffered casualties due to the promethium alloy which protected the building and eventually called for reinforcements. When they arrived, they were massacred by the Master, Lila and Vienna using a gun, drones and anti-dalekanium defence rays respectively. In response, the Supreme ordered his forces to return to the saucer to receive weapons upgrades, a move which the Litigator advised him against. (AUDIO: Vengeance)


The Parliament of the Daleks decided that the invasion was not a priority and informed the Litigator of this, after which he sent a taskforce to capture the Master.

Angered by this turn of events, the Supreme ordered a Dalek Commander to exterminate Drake, who was collecting the Project Yellow Brick data for the Litigator. The Commander was successful in his task but he was killed by Vienna who, with Lila, proceeded to burn Drake's clone factory and transport the Project Yellow Brick equipment to Trafalgar Plaza to be used to send the Dalek saucer and all those within, including the Master, into the Time Vortex.

The Master travelled to the Dalek saucer, protected by a personal shield generator and killing several Daleks on the way, and dared the Supreme to face him. The Supreme did so, followed by the Litigator whom the Master recognised from his trial. The Master offered to assist the Daleks on the condition that they beg before torturing and killing the Supreme and attempting to do the same to the Litigator, who fled using an emergency temporal shift as he believed that the Master was deranged and impossible to negotiate with. (AUDIO: Vengeance)


Following the death of the Supreme, massacre of many of the Daleks and the flight of the Litigator, the Master planned to take the saucer use it to get off-world, destroying Earth before departing. He invited Lila to join him but she had Vienna activate Yellow Brick, dragging the saucer and the remaining Daleks into the Vortex. With one final push from Lila, the Master joined them.

Raxle Technologies took credit for the Daleks' defeat, claiming that it was the work of a new experimental weapon. They allied themselves with Drake Interplanetary, led by Lila, and other survivors of the Dalek business cull to protect the planet from future attacks by way of a shield in the upper atmosphere. Lila gave several Dalek remains to Vienna as a souvenir before giving her access to a shuttle to get her back to her ship. (AUDIO: Vengeance)