Timeline for 2114
22nd century | 2110s

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In 2114, a Hyperion ship started reawakening on Neptune. (COMIC: Terrorformer)

On 7 July, Cybermen landed on Tiestus and began an invasion by murdering the president. Cybermen stormed the streets of Capitol City collecting people and a cyber-conversion factory was established.

Status Update Jacob with pork pie

Jacob Sowersby with a deactivated Cyberman. (PROSE: Status Update)

On 8 July, Jacob Sowersby and his family were captured by Cybermen and taken to be converted. Jacob's BOB implant caused an error in the cyberfication process and he was only partially converted. He retained some of his humanity and allied with a rebellion. By using cyber technology to connect his BOB to the Cyberiad, Jacob was able to overload the invading Cybermen with emotion. All of the Cybermen on Tiestus were deactivated, leaving the thousands of surviving colonists to repair the damage. (PROSE: Status Update)
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