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On Monday, 20 March 2011, one day since the start of Miracle Day, Gwen Cooper was contacted by Andy Davidson: her father had been in the hospital since the previous Saturday. She then, together with Rhys Williams and baby daughter Anwen, ventured to Cardiff, having hid away in the countryside since the 456 incident.

That night, Esther Drummond of CIA began investigating Torchwood, and came across some physical files in the CIA Archive. Soon after Jack Harkness approached her in the Archive, a suicide bomber blew the building with himself in it just as Jack and Esther jumped out the window into a fountain. After telling her everything, Jack administered retcon on Esther, and put her to sleep in her apartment. (TV: The New World)[1]

In 2290, Loman logged his visit to the Leisure Hive. (PROSE: Still Need a Title!)

In 2016, British Science Week ended. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)


  1. Rendition gives us the date of the arrival of the plane as 22 March; backtracking gives us the exact dating of everything in the first two episodes of Miracle Day.
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