Timeline for 2068
21st century | 2060s

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In 2068, Galactic Salvage Insurance was formed in London. (TV: Nightmare of Eden)

The Flying Dutchman in the Gulf of Mexico. (COMIC: Ghosts of the Seas)

The Flying Dutchman appeared off of the Gulf of Mexico. It scared workers on an oil rig. The Twelfth Doctor, Prince George, and Thorpe landed on the oil rig in an attempt to catch the Dutchman. The Doctor jumped off the rig to land on the ship, but the Dutchman faded into mist, causing the Doctor to fall into the water. (COMIC: Ghosts of the Seas)

The conflict with the Myloki was ended when their lunar base was destroyed. Following cessation of hostilities there was vast social upheaval with social and economic consequences, including civil war in the United Kingdom. (PROSE: The Indestructible Man)

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