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*The [[Olympic Games]] are held in [[Barcelona]]. ([[BFA]]: ''[[Nekromanteia]]'')
In '''2060''', the [[2060 Olympics|Olympic Games]] were held in [[Barcelona]]. By this time, [[cricket]] was an Olympic sport. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Nekromanteia (audio story)|Nekromanteia]]'')
*The [[Amazon]]'s ecosystem collapses and the rainforest turns into a desert. ([[BFA]]: ''[[Loups-Garoux]]'')
In [[South America]], the [[Amazon]]'s ecosystem collapsed and the [[rainforest]] turned into a [[desert]]. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Loups-Garoux (audio story)|Loups-Garoux]]'')
[[Earth]]'s first off-world colony ship, whose destination was [[Jupiter]]'s sixth moon [[Europa (moon)|Europa]], was launched from the [[Kennedy Space Center]]. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Death Among the Stars (audio story)|Death Among the Stars]]'')
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Timeline for 2060
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In 2060, the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona. By this time, cricket was an Olympic sport. (AUDIO: Nekromanteia)

In South America, the Amazon's ecosystem collapsed and the rainforest turned into a desert. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux)

Earth's first off-world colony ship, whose destination was Jupiter's sixth moon Europa, was launched from the Kennedy Space Center. (AUDIO: Death Among the Stars)
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