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Timeline for 2049
21st century | 2040s

2043 • 2044 • 2045 • 2046 • 2048 • 2050 • 2051 • 2052 • 2053 • 2054
In 2049, the Moon had been gaining weight as it got closer to hatching. The tides created were able to flood entire cities. Captain Lundvik and her team were sent to the planetoid, where they encountered the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, and Courtney Woods, who, after sparing the life of the creature beneath the Moon, helped Lundvik get back to Earth. The Moon then hatched and was replaced by an identical egg. The Twelfth Doctor credited the day that the creature hatched and had its life spared as the turning point where humankind began "creeping off" into the stars. (TV: Kill the Moon)
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