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You may be looking for Short Trips: 2040.
Timeline for 2040
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2040 was the year that Alistair Gryffen lost his family in an accident. Gryffen started to develop agoraphobia and stayed in his house for the next ten years. (TV: The Bounty Hunter)

Earth was hammered by "appalling storm conditions" which harmed agriculture. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

Dated events[]

In March, Ed Gold became a US citizen, hoping to gain entry to NASA's astronaut program. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

From 25 March to 26 April, Imogen Quaye was housed at the Lashley Institute while being monitored by scientists after she underwent a special brain operation. During this time, she met the Fifth Doctor. (PROSE: Artificial Intelligence)

On 11 July, the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS interfered with the operation of the Signpost information service on the Moon. (PROSE: Outsourcing)

Undated events[]

The Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield met naturalist Stuart Mallory. The Doctor's later incarnations and companions fulfilled Mallory's dying wish to visit Antarctica. (PROSE: The Last Emperor)

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith encountered the crew of a space station near the Kuiper Belt. (PROSE: Observer Effect)

The Fourth Doctor met Susan King and helped her to bring down James Baron's media empire. (PROSE: The Baron Wastes)

Around this year, the Doctor helped the Draconians overcome a space plague. (TV: Frontier in Space)

The Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush encountered a group of mathematicians who had attempted to predict the TARDIS' appearance based on previous sightings. (PROSE: Daisy Chain)

A group of terrorists, which included the Seventh Doctor and Roz Forrester, attempted to blow up the Pickering power station. (PROSE: The Nuclear Option)

The Seventh Doctor and Chris Cwej foiled a plan by the Voltranons to destroy all life on Earth. (PROSE: Culture War)

The Third Doctor and Jo Grant encountered Perseus Corporeal Stephen Le Page, who implanted devices in them that would cause them to forget the meeting. (PROSE: /Carpenter/Butterfly/Baronet) The Seventh Doctor ensured the destruction of Perseus' Household Assistance Devices. (PROSE: Anteus) The Eighth Doctor investigated a data breach in Perseus' Peacekeeper project. (PROSE: Thinking Warrior) He later used the Peacekeepers as part of his plan to destroy Perseus. (PROSE: The Ethereal)