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In 2030, according to one account, Ramón Salamander was uncovered as the instigator of a series of natural disasters affecting the world. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World) Other sources placed these events in 2018. (TV: The Enemy of the World)

The mountain gorilla died out on Earth. However, one specimen was taken to the Museum of the Last Ones. This last mountain gorilla was later sent back in time by the Tenth Doctor, along with the other specimens. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

The River Thames was artificially frozen for a Dancing On Ice special. It was the first time that the Thames had frozen since the February 1814 frost fair, (PROSE: The Frozen) an event for which the First Doctor, (AUDIO: Frostfire) Tenth Doctor, (PROSE: The Frozen) Eleventh Doctor, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) and Twelfth Doctor were present. (TV: Thin Ice)

The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield visited UNIT HQ in Geneva and picked up a note from Cristián Alvarez which had been left for them in 1993. (PROSE: The Left-Handed Hummingbird)

The World Cup final in Wembley Stadium took place in this year, with the Eleventh Doctor calling it "one of the greatest football matches in history!" He meant to take Amy Pond here, but instead they ended up on a space station. (COMIC: Apotheosis)

Ed Gold, deputy of Captain Adelaide Brooke, received a bachelor of engineering degree in mechanical engineering with First Class honours from the University of Adelaide. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

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