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Timeline for 2025
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On 18 January 2025, Andy Stone was born in Iowa. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

2025 was a year that the Fourth Doctor and Leela accidentally visited on 30 January, actually heading for 2015. By this time, holographic Internet access was readily available by fingerprint access, and everyone on Earth carried portable televisions with them. All theatres had been closed by this point to save energy. (AUDIO: Energy of the Daleks) Humans genetically modified apples to taste like other things to get children to eat them. (COMIC: Down the Rabbit Hole)

31 January was the date set for a huge GlobeSphere-funded energy transfer from the company's moonbase, a culmination of work started in 2021. Unknown to everyone, the Daleks intended to boost the energy to 100 times the amount necessary, creating a bubble around the planet that could counteract gravity. It would then cause the Moon to go off course, Earth's axis to shift wildly and many natural disasters and severe climate changes. Earth would be uninhabitable, and humanity would be wiped out.

The day before, Jack Coulson led an energy protest in Trafalgar Square against GlobeSphere. The Fourth Doctor and Leela attended the protest, and defeated the Daleks by redirecting the energy transfer to their ship as they fled. (AUDIO: Energy of the Daleks)

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was a woman. (AUDIO: Project: Destiny)

Alternate timelines[]

In 2025, the Seventh Doctor visited a timeline in which there had been no innovation or invention for decades and the Benanki had claimed Earth as part of their empire. He then travelled to 1992 to prevent this timeline from coming to pass. (PROSE: Testament)