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Timeline for 2022
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In 2022, Peter Summerfield transported himself, his mother, Jason Kane, Joseph and Sophia to the Festival of Piranha. (AUDIO: The Grel Escape)

Dan Lewis continued to travel with Yasmin Khan and the Thirteenth Doctor into this year. (COMIC: Hydra's Gate)

Dated events[]

At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day, the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, Dan, Sarah and Nick escaped a time loop from a squad of Dalek executioners. (TV: Eve of the Daleks)

On 2 February, a Roman Empire-themed party was held. (COMIC: Hydra's Gate)

On Saturday 28 May, Anne Travers died peacefully in her sleep. (PROSE: The Stories We Tell)

On 2 June, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her platinum Jubilee. Lucy Wilson, who was also celebrating her seventeenth birthday, was in London during the celebration, having thwarted a plan by the Zork-Morkavi-Rokosh to displace the monarch from time a few days prior. (PROSE: The Platinum Sceptre)

Undated events[]

St John Colchester and Dorothy McShane were placed in lockdown during their visit to a foreign dictatorship. Whilst in the hotel, McShane and Colchester worked together to break Colchester's brainwashing and take down the Unity, who were cloning an army to rise up and topple the dictatorship, which would allow them to take over the country. (AUDIO: The Red List)

All of the Doctor's past companions and associates in the contemporary period died mysteriously, and were removed from all existence and memory. This would later be undone as though nothing had happened. (AUDIO: Redacted)