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By 2020, Queen Elizabeth II had died and the British Army had a King's New Delta Squadron. (AUDIO: Black and White)

According to some accounts, Amy Pond and Rory Williams were still living on Earth at this point. (TV: The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood) Other sources indicate the Ponds had left their native era over half a decade before 2020. (TV: The Power of Three, The Day of the Doctor, COMIC: The Fractures)

According to the Eleventh Doctor, the population of Earth was six billion. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

Dated events Edit

On 31 December, the European Space Agency's Mars rover Leonardo discovered a copy of David Bowie's Life on Mars which had been left on the planet by Erimem and Andy Hansen in 2016. Most of the rover's mission control had been celebrating New Year's Eve at the time, and only John Wilcox witnessed the find. Assuming it to be a prank by his colleagues, Wilcox did not record the rover's encounter with the album. (PROSE: Life on Mars on Mars)

Undated events Edit


The Silurians erect an energy barrier around Cwmtaff. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

The Silurians emerged from their underground city around Cwmtaff and captured local mammals, including humans. The Eleventh Doctor and his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, and human allies discovered the Silurians. (TV: The Hungry Earth) Rory was killed by Restac, military leader of this group of Silurians, and absorbed by a time crack. The Silurians then went into hibernation for a millennium. (TV: Cold Blood)

Amy and Rory celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary and went back to Cwmtaff, Wales to see the 2010 versions of themselves with the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

The first lunar passenger module was developed by Daniel Eldred's father. (TV: The Seeds of Death)

The Seventh Doctor and Private Sally Morgan of the King's New Delta Squadron of the British Army defeated the Mi'en Kalarash, a being which fed on nightmares and one of the Elder Gods. Sally subsequently joined the Doctor as one of his companions. (AUDIO: House of Blue Fire)

There were riots in Liverpool. (AUDIO: Afterlife)

A presidential election was due in the United States this year. In 2018, Jack Robertson planned to contest Donald Trump in this election. (TV: Arachnids in the UK)

Alternate timelines Edit

With Rory Williams dead and his existence erased, Amy Pond visited Cwmtaff alone to wave to herself. (TV: Cold Blood)

Behind the scenes Edit

The trailer included on the Lost in Time box set and press material from the time around the production of The Power of the Daleks states that The Power of the Daleks occurred in this year.[1]

Footnotes Edit

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