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In 2019, the Thirteenth Doctor discovered that UNIT operations in the UK had been suspended due to funding disputes (TV: Resolution) although the organisation would live on in some form into the coming decades, (PROSE: The Baron Wastes, Excalibur of Mars, Alien Bodies) and get back on its feet by the 2110s. (TV: Under the Lake)

Dated events Edit

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On 1 January, a reconnaissance scout Dalek which had remained dormant since the 9th century was dug up by archaeologists, Lin and Mitch. It took over Lin's body and proceeded to go on a rampage before the Thirteenth Doctor stopped it by jettisoning it into a supernova. (TV: Resolution)

On 27 April, the year 2004 had suddenly disappeared from history, leaving the people of Earth with no memory nor physical documentation of events that had occurred in that year. (PROSE: Time Lapse)

Undated events Edit

Single Molecule Transcription (SMT) replaced microprocessors on Earth. (TV: The Long Game)

In the famous Henley Picnic Massacre, a war party of time travelling Xlanthi were killed when Excalibur flung itself from the custody of Winifred Bambera and Ancelyn directly towards the distortion in space-time caused by their arrival. (PROSE: Excalibur of Mars)

Cod were extinct by this year. (PROSE: The Last Emperor)

Unmanned UNASA missions to Jupiter and Saturn took place in early 2019 and detected settlements on the moons of both planets. Representatives of the Perseus Corporeal met with members of the United States and GEU governments the following year. (PROSE: The Ethereal)

A Broadway production of Blythe Spirit took place. Panda remembered it as "nerve-wracking" and a "soulless evening". (PROSE: The Big Crunch)

Lloyd-Webber made a junior production of Pooh!. (PROSE: The Big Crunch)

An Antipho spaceship crashed in the Arctic. The Tenth Doctor, arriving several months later to view a solar eclipse, helped them free their craft from the ice. (COMIC: Arctic Eclipse)

The Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham visited Hidden Human History creator Bethany Brunwine at her home, after the Doctor correctly guessed that she was in fact a Stilean flesh eater, and that Team TARDIS' earlier encounters with her were what inspired her to create her podcast series. (COMIC: Hidden Human History)
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