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In 2011, the Eleventh Doctor was apparently killed. After learning about his fate, the Doctor began a farewell tour and spent 200 years wandering the universe, running from the event that was supposed to claim his life.

According to research made by Andy Davidson in March of this year, an average of three hundred thousand people died every day on Earth while five hundred thousand people were born. (TV: The New World)

Dated events

January - April

Following their honeymoon and an adventure in which the TARDIS materialised inside itself, the Eleventh Doctor dropped off Amy Pond and Rory Williams in Leadworth. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

Amy Pond was abducted from Leadworth by Madame Kovarian and the Headless Monks so her child, Melody, could be used as a weapon against the Doctor. She was taken to Demons Run in the 52nd century and replaced by a Ganger avatar of herself so no one suspected anything. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

The Doctor and George. (TV: Night Terrors)

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory travelled to the apartment complex where the Tenza boy George lived, in response to his psychic distress call. The Doctor sorted out the problems causing George's fears to physically manifest and left him to grow up with his human parents. (TV: Night Terrors)

Before 31 March, a Fleshkind baby was left on Sarah Jane Smith's doorstep by the Shopkeeper. She was dubbed Sky. After Miss Myers' plan to use her as a weapon against the Metalkind was foiled, Sarah Jane adopted the now teenaged Sky. (TV: Sky)

Clyde Langer fell victim to the curse of Hetocumtek. He later prevented Hetocumtek from escaping his prison. (TV: The Curse of Clyde Langer)

At the launch of the SerfBoard, Joseph Serf suddenly discredited his own product. In reality, Serf had died years ago in a skiing accident and was just a simulation maintained by Skullion slaves as part of John Harrison's scheme. Luke and Sky took control of the fake Serf so he could denounce the SerfBoard. (TV: The Man Who Never Was)

At the conclusion of his "farewell tour", from 18-20 April, the Eleventh Doctor visited his friend Craig Owens in Colchester at his new house and met Craig's infant son Alfie. Noticing strange power fluctuations in the area, the Doctor stayed to investigate. With Craig and Alfie's help, he uncovered and foiled a plot by Cybermen in a crashed spaceship beneath a local store. By this time, Amy had become a model for a perfume called Petrichor. The Doctor went to meet his destiny with a Stetson and blue envelopes, provided by Craig. Three children, who, as adults, would provide testimony later viewed by River Song at Luna University in the 52nd century, witnessed his leaving. (TV: Closing Time)

On 22 April, an 1103-year-old version of the Eleventh Doctor recruited, using numbered, TARDIS blue envelopes, (1) a 909-year-old version of himself, (2) River Song, (3) Amy Pond and Rory Williams and (4) Canton Everett Delaware III. All except the younger Doctor arrived in Utah and met the Doctor. An earlier River Song appeared in an astronaut suit and seemed to kill the Doctor at 5:02pm MDT. In truth, she shot the Teselecta in the Doctor's form, with him safely inside. An alternate timeline briefly came into being when River exhausted the weaponry of the suit instead, but the timeline was restored when she shot the Teselecta. After supposedly cremating him, River, Amy and Rory went to a diner where they encountered the Doctor's younger self. They left in the Doctor's TARDIS for the Oval Office in 1969. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut, The Wedding of River Song)

The Miracle

Main article: Miracle Day

A blood bank in Buenos Aires, Argentina was burned to the ground. A day later, a blood bank in Shanghai, China was burned to the ground. (TV: The Gathering)

The extent of the Miracle. (TV: The New World)

On 18 March, four days after the destruction of the Shanghai blood bank, at 3:36am GMT (10:36pm EST), Miracle Day occurred. Physical death was negated. A sign of Miracle Day's effects appeared when Oswald Danes survived his execution. Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond investigated the word "Torchwood". Captain Jack Harkness had, by this time, returned to Earth. Rex arrived in Wales to extradite Gwen and Jack to America to question them about Torchwood. Jack discovered the Miracle had made him again mortal. (TV: The New World)

A day after extradition began, en route to Washington Dulles International Airport, Jack Harkness survived an assassination attempt by a CIA agent. Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond, now framed as double agents of the Chinese government, escaped the CIA with the aid of Torchwood. (TV: Rendition)

In Washington DC and Los Angeles, the new Torchwood looked into how PhiCorp related to the Miracle. Oswald Danes gained popularity and fame. (TV: Dead of Night, Escape to LA)

Various world governments implemented the categories of life. Gwen went to Cowbridge Overflow Camp to try to rescue her father, while Rex and Dr Juarez went to San Pedro Overflow Camp. Here, Dr. Juarez was burnt inside a module. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Jack learnt that PhiCorp was in the dark about the Miracle, but Stuart Owens told Jack his agents had traced the phrase "the Blessing". The nature of the overflow camps were revealed, but they were not shut down. (TV: The Middle Men)

Gwen, her family held hostage, took Jack to Olivia Colasanto, who revealed Angelo Colasanto had waited a long time for Jack and knew all about the Miracle. Gwen's family were later released. (TV: Immortal Sins)

In the Colasanto residence, Olivia told Jack of the Three Families. Angelo became the first recorded death after Miracle Day thanks to a null field generator. Gwen was deported to the United Kingdom and Esther and Jack escaped to UK after they rendered the generator useless for the CIA. The Earth's economy began to collapse. (TV: End of the Road, The Gathering)

Eventually, Jilly Kitzinger started working for the Three Families directly. Aided by Oswald Danes, the reunited Torchwood discovered more about the Blessing, tracing it to Buenos Aires and Shanghai. (TV: The Gathering)

Charlotte Wills was nearly exposed as a mole but slipped out of the CIA Watch office after bombing it, making Allen Shapiro and Noah Vickers Category 1. The Torchwood team reversed the effects of the Miracle by feeding the Blessing mortal blood from Jack Harkness and Rex Matheson (who had been transfused with Jack's blood). Esther Drummond was shot and killed, and Geraint Cooper and all other Category 1s finally passed away. Oswald detonated a bomb, killing himself and the Mother. (TV: The Blood Line)

May - August

After their daughter Melody was kidnapped on Demons Run, Amy and Rory were returned to Leadworth by River Song. The two of them were left to await the Doctor's return. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

In June, John Dixon and Miranda Evenden were married. (AUDIO: Cuddlesome)

Doris Lethbridge-Stewart died in a boating accident. (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon)

September - December

On 9 September, Kitzinger was recruited by the Families to work with them on "Plan B". Wills was exposed at Esther's funeral and shot Rex before being gunned down. Matheson discovered he was now immortal like Harkness. (TV: The Blood Line)

The Doctor returns to Leadworth. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

After waiting "all summer" for the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory drove through a field and summoned the Eleventh Doctor by creating a crop circle-like message spelling out the word "Doctor". The Doctor stated he still hadn't found their daughter Melody. Shortly afterwards, Amy and Rory's friend Mels arrived to escape the police and force the Doctor to kill Hitler. With little choice, the Doctor complied with her demand to take them all to Berlin in the 1930s. The next day, a newspaper printed a story about the crop circle. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

In an alternate timeline negated by the Eleventh Doctor, the town of Foxton was swallowed up by a lake that came from Swallow Woods. Earlier on, Vicky Caine, Laura Brown and Jess Ashcroft disappeared into the woods. (PROSE: The Way Through the Woods)

River Song, coming from the Crash of the Byzantium, appeared in the garden of Amy and Rory's new house and told them the truth about the Doctor's apparent death. Amy was aware of the aborted timeline created at 5:02pm MDT. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

In November, Chinwagz Magazine published an article called "I Was Abducted By A Time-Travelling Sex Pest" which recounted Jane's encounter with the Hussar. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

"@chinwagzmag Tell 'Jane'- From experience, she's better off out of it #aliensexpest"''@realwildthyme, 17 November 2011 [src]

On Friday 16 December, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart died in his nursing home. (PROSE: Acceptance, and then Understanding)

On 25 December, Amy Pond and Rory Williams set a place for their son-in-law, the Doctor, at Christmas. He did not show up. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

Unknown dates

Chloe Webber's father was killed in a car accident. (TV: Fear Her)

Malachi Yarrow retired from the British Secret Service and moved to the Peacock House on the Island of Jersey. (PROSE: Subjective Interlock)

The Doctor returns Amy home. (TV: The God Complex)

Following an adventure on a prison ship that caged a Minotaur, the Eleventh Doctor parted from his companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, dropping them off at a new house with a new car. (TV: The God Complex)

The Koggnossenti launched an invasion of London. They began emitting a signal which devolved the brains of all intelligent non-Koggnossenti life. For a few hours, London was transformed into a ghost town, with 98.2% of the population reduced to a primitive technology fearing state. The Tenth Doctor reversed the signal unto the Koggnossenti, forcing them to leave Earth. Those affected by the signal did not retain any memories of the invasion. (AUDIO: Technophobia)

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond landed in Manchester. They encountered the Alifabe. (COMIC: Sky Scraper)

Henry van Statten's scientists discovered the cure for the common cold from alien bacteria found inside "the Russian crater". The corrupt American businessman decided to keep it in the lab in order to develop more cures. (TV: Dalek)

While searching for the fourth segment of the Key to Time, the Fourth Doctor and Romana arrived in Norfolk in this year. (AUDIO: Ferril's Folly)

Immediately after the Fifth Doctor departed Hove in 2008, the TARDIS materialised in the same spot three years later. (AUDIO: Cuddlesome)

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams went on a Jack the Ripper tour in Whitechapel. (COMIC: Ripper's Curse)

Rebecca Young went backpacking for three months. (AUDIO: Technophobia)