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In 2009, numerous alien attacks on Earth were stopped by Torchwood Three and the Bannerman Road gang. This year saw the Tenth Doctor being fatally wounded on two separate occasions which resulted in regeneration, though the Tenth Doctor diverted the first one to a receptacle, he went through with it the second time. (TV: Journey's End, The End of Time)

By this year, half of the species from Earth to the Verlixix Spiral Cluster had plans to invade Earth. (TV: Enemy of the Bane)

This year, the United States of America gained a black leader as President. (TV: Rosa)

ATMOS, a combination GPS/emission control system for automobiles, became widespread in vehicles around the world. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky)

By this year, Polly Wright worked in the City of Westminster. (AUDIO: The Three Companions)

Dated events

January - May

Early in the year, conspiracy theorists and Donna Noble had begun noting the disappearance of bees from the planet Earth. (TV: Partners in Crime, et al.) They had left Earth in anticipation of its imminent relocation to the Medusa Cascade. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

Donna Noble investigated Adipose Industries and met the Tenth Doctor again. Matron Cofelia forced the birth of thousands of Adipose from Londoners' bodies. The Doctor and Donna turned off the parthenogenesis signal before it proved fatal. The Adipose were sent into their ship, and Cofelia was killed by the Adiposian First Family to cover up seeding a Level 5 planet. Donna joined the Doctor in the TARDIS. Before leaving with the Doctor, she encountered Rose Tyler, unaware of who she was. (TV: Partners in Crime)

Also early in the year, over 4 months before August, Thomas Brewster and Gerald Lendler came to London. At the time, Lendler had stolen the Doctor's TARDIS from Brewster. When Brewster rummaged through Lendler's collection of valuable items, he accidentally woke up a hibernating Coffin-Loader and it escaped into the River Thames. It released methane and mould into the atmosphere which increased Earth's temperature by 1 degree. (AUDIO: The Three Companions)

Owen Harper finds a Vostok in Cardiff Bay. (COMIC: The Return of the Vostok)

In March, the Vostok came to Cardiff with the intentions of using its rift to bring the Earth into a new Ice Age. Torchwood Three visited Cardiff Bay after it was frozen and discovered the Vostok beneath the ice. They defeated the Vostok by covering the ice in fuel and dropping a match in the fuel, burning the Vostok alive. (COMIC: The Return of the Vostok)

On 12 April, Easter, the 200 bus travelled through a wormhole, leaving several passengers, including the Tenth Doctor and Lady Christina de Souza, stranded on the desert planet San Helios, which had been turned into a sandy wasteland within the last year by alien stingrays which had started approaching the wormhole to devour Earth. Using some Tritovore anti-gravity clamps taken by Lady Christina, the 200 flew through the wormhole safely. The wormhole was closed and the handful of stingrays which made it through were destroyed by UNIT. The Doctor declined Lady Christina's offer to join the TARDIS, but helped her evade arrest. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

Sometime before 18 May, UNIT investigated the simultaneous deaths of fifty-two people across the world, all in ATMOS-equipped vehicles. Dr. Martha Jones, now working for UNIT, called in the Tenth Doctor. UNIT raided an ATMOS factory. The Sontarans captured Martha and cloned her. As part of a Sontaran invasion plan, all ATMOS-equipped vehicles, half of all cars on Earth, emitted a toxic gas. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem)

The TARDIS, with Donna Noble inside, was taken to the Sontaran flagship. The Sontarans invaded the ATMOS factory, but UNIT retook it. The Doctor found Martha with her clone's help. The clone's link was severed. Before dying, she revealed the ATMOS gas would be used to clone Sontarans. With Donna's aid, the Doctor retook his TARDIS and used the technology from the Rattigan Academy to create an atmospheric converter to destroy the gas. Luke Rattigan, learning his plans to start a new world with his students had failed, swapped places with the Doctor and destroyed the Sontaran fleet and himself. The TARDIS, with Martha inside as well as the Doctor and Donna, suddenly started moving on its own. (TV: The Poison Sky)

The last survivor of the ATMOS Sontaran invasion, Commander Kaagh, tried to destroy Earth by commandeering the Tycho Project in Goblin's Copse, landing satellites onto nuclear stockpiles. He was thwarted when Luke Smith shut down the project and Chrissie Jackson attacked Kaagh's probic vent, knocking him out. Kaagh left Earth disgraced. Chrissie Jackson became aware of aliens and of Sarah Jane and her team's fight against them. (TV: The Last Sontaran)

From 15 May to 18 May, the Mandragora Helix attempted a takeover of Earth through the MorganTech computer systems. (PROSE: Beautiful Chaos)

Dalek attack on reality

Between the Rempath invasion (PROSE: In the Blood) and late June, (PROSE: Beautiful Chaos) the Daleks attempted to destroy reality with a reality bomb.

Earth is transported to the Medusa Cascade. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

The Earth and twenty-three other planets were relocated to the Medusa Cascade by the Daleks (with three other planets, Adipose 3, Pyrovillia and the Lost Moon of Poosh from other time zones) by the Supreme Dalek and Davros. The Tenth Doctor went to the Shadow Proclamation and tracked the Earth to the Medusa Cascade before the trail went cold. An invasion of Earth by the Daleks began and humans were taken to the Crucible. Former Prime Minister Harriet Jones contacted some of the Doctor's former companions, including Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith and Martha Jones, to reach the Tenth Doctor, using the Cardiff Rift and Mr Smith, before she herself was killed by the Daleks. Rose Tyler, meanwhile, contacted Donna Noble's family and was reunited with the Doctor, having broken through to the out-of-sync Cascade. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

The Tenth Doctor underwent a partial regeneration to heal damage from a Dalek blast. He threw his regenerative energy into his old hand. The TARDIS was taken to the Crucible. Humans were used for tests of the reality bomb. The TARDIS was almost destroyed in the Crucible's Z-neutrino core, but the energy-infused hand formed into a human Time-Lord Meta-Crisis clone of the Doctor after making physical contact with Donna Noble, safely piloting the TARDIS away. Sarah Jane threatened the Crucible with a warp star, while Martha planned to blow up Earth, stopping the use of the reality bombs. Davros and the Daleks quickly stopped them. The Meta-Crisis Doctor and Donna attempted an attack on Davros but failed. The electricity from his hand awakened her dormant Time Lord mind, the regeneration energy from earlier having spread both ways, turning her into the "DoctorDonna". Donna used a Dalek interface to shut down the Crucible and disable the Daleks and was able to send all but one planet home, while the Meta-Crisis Doctor finished off the Daleks. The Doctor and his companions towed the remaining planet, Earth, home with the TARDIS; this sparked worldwide celebrations around the planet. Afterwards, Mickey Smith chose to remain on his original Earth instead of returning to Pete's World. Jack and Martha went back to their respective jobs, and the Doctor returned Rose and Jackie Tyler to Pete's World, along with his clone, whom he considered unsafe. He asked Rose to help the clone, as she had helped him. Donna Noble was returned to her family with all memories of the Doctor wiped from her mind due to the danger to her survival posed by her transformation. (TV: Journey's End)

During these events, a young Adelaide Brooke lost her family and saw a Dalek. For reasons unknown to her, it chose not to exterminate her. This inspired her to become an astronaut, a trailblazer for human exploration of space — in her case, establishing the first human base on Mars in 2058 and, in turn, inspiring generations of Brookes who would impel humanity to reach into the stars. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

In the aftermath of the Medusa Cascade incident, the human race began coming to terms with the fact it was not alone in the universe. While many accepted it, others experienced crises of faith and many committed suicide. Brian Green became British Prime Minister before September. (TV: Children of Earth: Day One)

While late June is largely agreed to be the period in which the invasion took place, another source suggests an earlier timeframe, sometime before April. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

June - August

In late June, Lukas Carnes delivered a letter to Wilfred Mott which Donna had written six weeks earlier, before she lost her memories. (PROSE: Beautiful Chaos)

Sometime before 18 August, Polly Wright read a blog post by Jo Jones about Jo's encounter with Doreen Killebrew in the 1970s. From this blog post, she learned that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart knew the Doctor and they began exchanging emails on their past adventures with him. Eventually, they were contacted by Thomas Brewster, who thought they could help him deal with Gerald Lendler.

On 18 August, Polly and Alistair met up with Brewster at a restaurant where Brewster had been working for three weeks. Lendler had hired a an alien hunter to deal with the creature. The Coffin-Loader came out of the River Thames and parts of London were flooded. Using Alistair as bait for the Coffin-Loader, the Hunter lured it to Trafalgar Square and killed it, returning Earth's climate to normal. Aterwards, with some convincing from Polly and Alistair, Lendler gave the Doctor's TARDIS back to Brewster. (AUDIO: The Three Companions)

September - December

Members of the Stockbridge Preservation Society began to go missing. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Child)

Newspaper Ianto Jones picks up. Date reads: Wednesday September 2009 (TV: Children of Earth: Day Two)

On 8:40AM GMT on a Wednesday in September, every child on Earth stopped in their tracks and recited the message, "We are coming", repeatedly, all them in English. Behind the scenes, the British government knew this came from the 456, a race who had visited Earth before. Gwen Cooper spoke to Clement McDonald, who also stopped and said the message, He told Gwen that when he was a child, the children on his orphanage bus were stolen away, with him almost being taken too. Jack Harkness had a bomb encased in his body which blew up the Torchwood Three hub. (TV: Children of Earth: Day One)

Jack, his body slowly reconstituting itself, was held by Johnson, while Gwen went on the run from the British government, revealing to her husband Rhys she was pregnant. The children on Earth stopped again to say, "We are coming...tomorrow". Mr Dekker built a container for the 456 to specification, filled with unusual gases. Lois Habiba revealed to Gwen that John Frobisher was behind the death orders for Torchwood. Johnson sealed Jack in concrete, but Ianto arrived, releasing him. Jack and Ianto escaped with Rhys and Gwen. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Two)

The 456 ambassador materialised in the gassy container in Thames House. They demanded 10% of all of Earth's children. Clem revealed that Jack had been behind the handover in 1965, and Jack staid it was for the 456. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three)

Jack continued to talk about the night he and others handed children over to the 456 in 1965. At Thames House, the 456 ambassador had one of the children of 1965 as part of its system, unaging. As negotiations failed, the government started to think of ways to hand over the 10%, which Lois recorded with Torchwood's Eye-5 contact lenses as incriminating evidence. The 456 killed Clem. Jack and Ianto faced the 456, but were also killed, along with the rest of Thames House once the 456 released the virus. Jack revived, upset over his loss. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Four)

The British government started sending the 10% to the 456, labelling it "inocculations". The ambassador revealed the children were to be used as drugs. The Prime Minister informed John Frobisher that his children would be among those handed over to the 456. Unable to cope with this, Frobisher killed his family and committed suicide. Gwen and Rhys tried to escape with as many children as they could. Jack used the wave the 456 had used to kill Clem the previous day to destroy the 456, but sacrificed his grandson Steven to set it up. Stricken with guilt over the death of his grandson, Jack left Cardiff and spent the next few months wandering the Earth. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)

In mid-December, the Aurelia Festival was held in Stockbridge. The Tenth Doctor and new companion Majenta Pryce arrived to find themselves involved in an adventure with Maxwell Edison. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Child)

On the 12th of December, Brenda sent out a letter to the readers of the book series based upon herself and Effie. (PROSE: Brenda's B&B)

At some point before 24 December, Barack Obama became President of the United States. He was the first ever black man to do so. (TV: Rosa)

On 24 December, the Master was resurrected by Miss Trefusis and the new governor of Broadfell Prison on Christmas Eve. Lucy Saxon caused an explosion at the prison, killing everyone inside, except for the Master. The White House announced that President Obama would make a Christmas Day speech announcing new economic initiatives to resolve the current worldwide economic crisis. (TV: The End of Time)

On 25 December, the Tenth Doctor and his companion Heather McCrimmon visited the village of Stillmuir to celebrate Christmas with Heather's family. The celebrations were interrupted by three blue-skinned aliens who wanted to learn about Christmas. They transported the entire village away from Earth to a giant snow globe where they could observe the humans. The Doctor talked with the aliens and invited them to observe Christmas by attending the McCrimmon family's celebrations if they returned the village to Earth. The aliens agreed and spent Christmas night celebrating. (COMIC: A Merry Little Christmas)

Also that day, the Master was captured by soldiers working for Joshua Naismith to help him use the Immortality Gate. The Master betrayed him and, as Obama gave a speech on the recession, used the Gate, intended to heal planets, to turn every human on Earth except Donna Noble and Wilfred Mott into copies of the Master.

On 26 December, a diamond called a White-Point Star was sent from Gallifrey through time and space and crashed to Earth, where it was retrieved by the Master. He used it to open a portal that allowed Rassilon and other Time Lords to escape the Last Great Time War. Rassilon undid the "cloning" of the Master and Gallifrey entered the space around Earth, the Time Lords ready to end time. The Tenth Doctor shot the diamond, breaking the connection, and the Master blasted the Time Lords back into the time lock, the Master also disappearing. The Tenth Doctor rescued Wilf from certain death. In doing so, he was flooded with radiation. The Doctor began his regeneration cycle. A malfunction with the world's wi-fi systems was later blamed for causing mass hallucinations, a cover story concocted by Mr Smith. Shortly after, Luke Smith was nearly run over by a car on Bannerman Road, but rescued by the slowly-regenerating Tenth Doctor, who disappeared into his TARDIS. (TV: The End of Time)

Undated events

Professor Egen, a time traveller from 1959, briefly stopped in 2009 during his first (and ultimately only) journey through time in his experimental time machine. He looked at a 21st century city full of skyscrapers, which looked "ultra-modern", as he had expected — but, precisely because he had expected it, found it underwhelming, prompting him to move on to the more distant future. (COMIC: Dr. Who's Time Tales)

Gareth, head of the seismology unit of the UCMA taskforce, developed a system for accurately predicting earthquakes. Gareth's system was credited for saving the human race several times. (TV: Doctor Who)

Kate Maguire first encountered the Tenth Doctor. However, he knew that one day she would help him defend the Earth against an Auton invasion. (PROSE: Autonomy)

Mary Baker, the paternal grandmother of Julia Hardwick as well as one of her possible descendants due to time travel, died at the age of 82. (WC: A Ghost Story for Christmas)

A crashed Terpsivore spaceship was buried under Birmingham before being repaired and leaving in 2009. (COMIC: Death Disco)

Rani Chandra visited a Krulius spaceship. (COMIC: Return of the Krulius)

Ellie Faber became homeless. (TV: The Curse of Clyde Langer)

Phil Houseman's The Myth of Artificial Intelligence was published. (PROSE: Theatre of War)

Julia Hardwick was sent back in time by a Weeping Angel when she was in a Graveyard. (WC: A Ghost Story for Christmas)

The nine-year-old Sally Morgan's parents were killed in the Middle East when their convoy was ambushed. From then onwards, she was raised by her grandfather. (AUDIO: Black and White)

Jack Odwards swam the English Channel to raise money for Chuckle-Aid. (AUDIO: Kronos Vad's History of Earth (Vol. 36,379))

The Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot visited London for a few days during their travels. The Doctor met Miranda Peel on a Tuesday and a Wednesday on the London Underground while Jamie and Zoe explored the city. (PROSE: Favourite Star)

One of Abslom Daak's ancestors was found guilty by Intersol for crimes against New Devonia. (COMIC: The Crimson Hand)

The Abzorbaloff met the Tenth Doctor in Cardiff, wanting to revenge his son. (WC: The Genuine Article)

Prior to 456 incursion

Contradicting other sources, one account placed this year as the time Torchwood discovered the skeleton of a Cardiff soldier from 1812 who died when his heart was ripped out. According to this account, Ianto, Owen Harper, and Toshiko Sato were still active in Torchwood. (TV: Greeks Bearing Gifts)

A half-alien, half-human girl named Freda was sent back from the future to escape persecution and came under the protection of Torchwood Three. (AUDIO: Asylum)

Torchwood Three discovered Torchwood India still existed and its members were preserving their own time in their headquarters by draining the life out of innocent civilians, with plans to roll back time to Britain's empire across the world. Torchwood Three defeated them and Torchwood India was frozen in time. (AUDIO: Golden Age)

Torchwood Three combatted a mysterious force that put people into coma-like trances after they answered the phone. (AUDIO: The Dead Line)

Rhys Williams' uncle Bryn died. Torchwood Three investigated mysterious power cuts and Miss Carew. She was a woman in her eighties who was fit and at work after being on her deathbed not long before. Carew worked with Fitzroy to destroy all electricity on Earth, but was stopped. (AUDIO: The Devil and Miss Carew)

Torchwood Three, working in cooperation with UNIT, tracked a distress signal to the Mariana Trench and discovered Sam Doyle of the Guernica, who hadn't aged in fifty years. The team defeated the entity possessing him which later entered Carlie Roberts. (AUDIO: Submission)

Undated adventures of Sarah Jane Smith & friends

Maria and Alan Jackson moved to America. (TV: The Last Sontaran)

Rani Chandra and her family moved to Bannerman Road. Clyde and Rani investigated Spellman's Magical Museum of the Circus. The owner, Elijah Spellman, was the clown and the Pied Piper, having come from a meteorite in the Jeggorabax Cluster centuries before. The Piper gathered children he had given balloons to, but Mr Smith interfered by contacting their mobile phones. Clyde, weakening the fear-eating Pied Piper with humour, allowed Sarah Jane to trap the Piped Piper back inside his meteorite, releasing the children who had been recently taken by him. (TV: The Day of the Clown)

Martin Trueman, using the power of the Ancient Lights, started enslaving every human on Earth using astrology. Luke, not having a starsign, defeated him. (TV: Secrets of the Stars)

Rani Chandra discovered the Berserker pendant. Clyde Langer's father Paul came to visit him after having walked out on his family years before. Paul took and was possessed by the pendant, but Sarah Jane and the team brought him back to himself. Clyde threw the pendant into the sea. (TV: The Mark of the Berserker)

The Trickster used a time fissure to trick Sarah Jane into saving her parents' lives in 1951 and created an alternate timeline where he drained the life out of Earth and enslaved humanity. Sarah Jane and her friends returned to 2009 after Sarah Jane's parents, Eddie and Barbara Smith, prevented this alternate timeline by sacrificing themselves in 1951. (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith)

Mrs Wormwood and Commander Kaagh became allies in the light of Wormwood's exile from the Bane and Kaagh's self-imposed exile from the Sontarans. Taking the Tunguska Scroll from Sarah Jane and her gang, they used Luke to place the scroll on the "tomb" of Horath, the tyrant of the Dark Empire, to bring him back. Kaagh, disgraced by Wormwood's preference for her "son" Luke, pushed Wormwood into the interdimensional portal that held Horath, destroying the link. (TV: Enemy of the Bane)

The Veil Androvax crashed in Ealing, followed by the Judoon Tybo. Androvax escaped to Genetec Systems, using Nanoforms to build a spaceship and destroy Earth. Luke deactivated the Nanoforms, and Tybo arrested Androvax. Clyde and Rani were grounded on Earth by the Judoon. (TV: Prisoner of the Judoon)

Rani was called to Danemouth by Samuel Lloyd to investigate a haunted funfair. Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde followed. Rani found Eve, whose powers were out of control. Eve was taken to Ship to control them. Sarah Jane gave Ship the co-ordinates to the black hole K9 was protecting, freeing him and powering Ship. Eve, Samuel and Eve's adopted father Harry left in Ship to explore the universe. (TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic)

Peter Dalton was about to marry Sarah Jane Smith, but the Tenth Doctor interfered. The Trickster took Sarah Jane and her gang into a time loop, with Sarah Jane and Peter stuck in one second and the Doctor, Clyde and Rani in another. Peter revoked his deal with the Trickster and died. Time resumed its natural course. With Peter nowhere to be seen, Sarah Jane called the wedding off. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

At Ashen Hill Manor, Sarah Jane discovered the people who had disappeared at the manor had been trapped inside another dimension, keeping Erasmus Darkening alive. Sarah Jane tricken Darkening by putting him into an electromagnetic field. (TV: The Eternity Trap)

The Mona Lisa was in the International Gallery in London, on loan from the Louvre. Due to her proximity to The Abomination, made from the same sentient paint as the Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa was brought to life. She returned to her painting when she was tricked into bringing a sketch of K9 to life, who shot at The Abomination. (TV: Mona Lisa's Revenge)

The Slitheen-Blathereen family captured some Slitheen, stopping them from destroying the Earth. The Slitheen-Blathereen gave Sarah Jane a Rakweed plant, which the next day mutated, sending spores across London that would have put humans into a coma. Mr Smith used a high-pitched frequency across the city to destroy the plants, and when the Slitheen-Blathereen attacked Sarah Jane, he did so again, destroying their Rakweed-saturated bodies. (TV: The Gift)

Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani fought and killed a Raxacoricofallapatorian, while K9 defused a bomb. (TV: The Nightmare Man)

Chang Hu was born. (PROSE: Observer Effect)

Other timelines

In the summer, Rani, upset over not living up to the standards of her predecessor, Maria, offhandedly wished that her friends would leave her alone. Ship took this as an actual request and erased Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and K9. Eve's son Adam reversed this once an older Rani told him about this in 2059. (TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic)

In a potential timeline created by a continuity bomb, the Tenth Doctor didn't sacrifice himself to save Wilfred Mott from radiation poisoning on 26 December and Wilf died. From here, the Doctor became "Time Lord Victorious" and ruled over the cosmos with an iron fist. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

The Year That Never Was

The Toclafane over Earth. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

In the spring, the Master ruled Earth with an iron fist through dictatorship. During this time, the Tenth Doctor, physically aged, was kept captive aboard the UNIT airship the Valiant, along with Jack Harkness and most of Martha Jones' family, while the Toclafane invaded Earth. Meanwhile, Martha, following instruction given to her by the Doctor, spent the year travelling the world spreading stories and faith about the Doctor. Ultimately, the collected faith of the people of the world restored the Doctor, leading to the Master's defeat. Captain Jack destroyed the paradox machine, reversing time back to 2008. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

Donna's world

After the Titanic fell to Earth on 25 December 2008, annihilating London and rendering most of southern England uninhabitable with nuclear radiation, Great Britain had become a police state. People across Southern England were subject to forced relocations; Donna Noble's family was moved to Leeds.

After Donna's family was relocated, the parthenogenesis of the Adipose was a huge success, with 60 million Americans killed before the Adipose were moved to their spaceship. Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones died saving the world from ATMOS, and Captain Jack was transferred to Sontar. Rose Tyler worked with the UNIT of this timeline to help Donna Noble restore the proper chain of events which, at one point, involved sending Donna back to 2007. (TV: Turn Left)