Timeline for 200,100
Far future

By 200,100, Earth had become a much harsher place, having been thrown into turmoil after all news channels shut down as a result of the death of the Jagrafess one hundred years earlier. (TV: The Long Game) No one could go outside or grow a garden. The Atlantic Storm raged on. The Doctor lamented that half the world was too fat and half was too thin.

The Game Station was equipped with a transmat that selected people at random and placed them on dangerous game shows on Satellite Five for the Earth's entertainment. (TV: Bad Wolf)

The Battle of the Game Station[edit | edit source]

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The Daleks attempted to invade Earth but were stopped by Rose Tyler with the powers of the Bad Wolf entity. She reduced all of the Daleks, their Emperor and their fleet to atoms. However, much of the population was already dead. (TV: The Parting of the Ways) During this invasion attempt Jack Harkness was killed, resurrected, made immortal by the Bad Wolf and abandoned by the Ninth Doctor, who soon after regenerated into his next incarnation as a result of saving Rose's life. (TV: Utopia) Making his way to the ravaged Earth, Jack would live there for at least a year. (AUDIO: The Year After I Died)

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