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On 19 October 2006, (PROSE: Mickey's Blog, Rose Tyler was sent back to Earth, as the Doctor and Jack Harkness fought the Daleks at Satellite Five. (TV: The Parting of the Ways)

This same date[1] was the date of the planned wedding between Cardiff Gazette science correspondent Cathy Salt and her boyfriend Jeffrey. When Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen heard about this wedding and Cathy's pregnancy in September, she changed her mind about killing the journalist. (TV: Boom Town)

In 2612, Roger Marlow played around with his birthday gift from his father Rod: an orbitus. He converted it into a high-tech anti-grav skateboard and rode it into town.

This attracted the attention of Karsoff and Sheer, who recognised the orbitus as a powerful piece of Skarosian technology. They kidnapped young Roger, realising the device's potential for crime, and soon, Rod came to his rescue. The orbitus freed him from captivity, and Rod called the police. Thanks to their help, the police had finally captured the two criminals, among the universe's most wanted men. (COMIC: The Orbitus)

  1. Cathy says, "Next month" and "The 19th", and Boom Town is identified as taking place six months after World War Three's 6 MarchSeptember.
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