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19 March was considered a day of great paranormal importance throughout history. (PROSE: 19 March)

19 March was celebrated by the Romans as Quinquatrus, a festival celebrating the goddess Minerva's birthday. (PROSE: The Stone Rose, 19 March)

19 March was also celebrated as St Joseph's Day, celebrating the patron saint of workers, and Father's Day. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 120, two versions of the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler were in Rome. The slightly older versions of the couple had returned to the point that the Doctor had been captured by locals, in order to make sure that the younger Doctor would get an important phial containing a liquid he would need to revive Rose in a time between those two moments. (PROSE: The Stone Rose)

In 1227, a Pope was elected. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 1452, an Emperor was crowned. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 1644, two-hundred members of the Peking Imperial family and court members simultaneously committed suicide. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 1863, the ship, SS Georgina, was lost at sea. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 1866, the ship, Monarch of the Seas, sank, killing seven-hundred people. (PROSE: 19 March)

The first International Women's Day took place in 1911. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 1915, Pluto was first discovered. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 1918, John Sykes was murdered in the North Yorkshire village of Hawkswick. (PROSE: Casualties of War)

In 1937, the word "supernova" was first coined. (PROSE: 19 March)

According to a 3 April article in the National Scandal, 19 March 1965 was the Friday when the New York City telephone switchboards were jammed with people trying to report that they'd seen a spaceship over Manhattan. (PROSE: Salvation)

On that same day, the SS Georgina was found. (PROSE: 19 March)

In 2008, the furthest ever cosmic burst visible to the naked eye was recorded. (PROSE: 19 March)

Perhaps most important to human history, however, was the start of Miracle Day, on Sunday 19 March at 11:36pm EST. That day, no one died. Oswald Danes and Rex Matheson survived otherwise fatal incidents, and a form of immortality came to all of humanity around the Earth. At the exact same time, the word "Torchwood" was sent to almost everyone in authority, completely bypassing security. This was enough to bring Jack Harkness back to Earth, who quickly got to work erasing all traces of the word Torchwood in seconds. (TV: The New World)[1]

Maxwell Grey, Rani Chandra, and Larry Nightingale speculated that some event involving the Weeping Angels and Wester Drumlins would occur in 2021. (PROSE: 19 March, The Angels are Coming)


  1. Rendition gives us the date of the arrival of the plane as 22 March; backtracking gives us the exact dating of everything in the first two episodes of Miracle Day.