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1995 was a year in which a number of events important to the production of Doctor Who and its spin-offs occurred.

  • April - Jon Pertwee filmed his regeneration scene as a cameo for the fan film Devious. It was his last performance as the Third Doctor.
  • Autumn - Who fandom was taken by surprise with the announcement that the American network, Fox, was to co-produce with the BBC a made-for-television film reviving Doctor Who, as a possible "pilot" for a new series. The producers announced that Paul McGann was cast as the new Doctor, but Sylvester McCoy would also appear as the Seventh Doctor, making the film a continuation of the original series rather than a remake or reboot. Doctor Who was scheduled to air in the spring of 1996. Filming was to take place in Vancouver, Canada, marking not only the first time a Doctor Who story had been filmed in North America, but also the first time a story had been completely mounted outside the United Kingdom (previously foreign location filming had been done, with studio filming still in Britain).
  • 11 December - The Outpost Gallifrey and Doctor Who Forum websites were launched by Shaun Lyon. With modifications and name changes along the way, they ran until 2009.
  • Unknown - Panini Comics took over the publishing rights to Doctor Who Magazine from Marvel Comics UK.
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