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1982 was a year in which a number of events important to the production of Doctor Who and its spin-offs occurred.

  • February - Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly magazine changed its title to Doctor Who Monthly.
  • 18 May - BBC Broadcasting Research issued a Viewing Panel Report gauging response to Season 19 of Doctor Who, which had seen the show change its broadcast scheduled to twice a week, as well as introduce a new Doctor, Peter Davison. As a whole, the season received a Reaction Index of 66, with the new Doctor and the timeslot change generally accepted.[1]
  • October - John Nathan-Turner received approval to produce a ninety-minute twentieth anniversary special episode for broadcast in 1983 and began feeling out the interest of Doctor Who actors, including Tom Baker. At the time, the special carried the working title The Six Doctors, and Robert Holmes was commissioned to write the script; he subsequently left the project and Terrance Dicks wrote the script.


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