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Timeline for 1982
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In 1982, Lysandra Aristedes was born. She would grow up to become the director of the Forge and a companion of the Seventh Doctor. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

An environmental group of which Robert Wilkins was a key member had numerous violent protests at government research departments across the United Kingdom. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla)

Dated events

In June, the United Kingdom took the Falklands from Argentina by military force. (COMIC: The Infinite Astronaut)

On 11 July, Italy beat West Germany 3-1 in the World Cup final. During the celebrations in the Italian village of Ferrara, the Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard stopped the Threllip from invading Earth. (AUDIO: Living Legend)

It was one of the years visited by the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom at Christmas as they unknowingly followed Robert's distress signal. (PROSE: The Little Drummer Boy)

Undated events

The Seventh Doctor and Ace defeated rogue Annarenes. (PROSE: Relative Dementias)

Tegan and Kyle met in Sydney, Australia. They later began a relationship. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam)

Anthony Chambers found a Cyber-conversion unit in the Fell's Point cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

Philip Withers was born to Harold and Alice Withers in Stockbridge, England. (AUDIO: The Eternal Summer, Plague of the Daleks)

The Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan visited London. However, their destination was the 2012 Olympics. (AUDIO: The King of the Dead)

Alice Wake broke her hip and later died under general anaesthetic. (PROSE: The Hopes and Fears of All the Years)

Parallel universe

In a parallel universe, Jackson Smith was run over and killed in this year. (AUDIO: The Last Party on Earth)


A twenty pence coin from 1982 was included in the envelope of British notes and coins which the First Doctor gave Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright when they left the TARDIS. (PROSE: The Time Travellers)

On a visit to Trafalgar Square on 23 October 1843 with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka commented that it was "more tourist friendly in 1982". (AUDIO: The Lions of Trafalgar)