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On 15 September 1954, Pete Tyler was born. (TV: Father's Day) A counterpart of Pete was also born in a parallel universe. (AUDIO: The Endless Night)

On 9 November, the First Doctor brought his granddaughter Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright to Bristol from Salem Village on 29 July 1692. They watched a performance of The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Susan learned about the witch hysteria in Salem which she had helped to cause. (PROSE: The Witch Hunters)

The Seventh Doctor and Ace encountered Cybermen in Nevada. (COMIC: The Good Soldier)

Tulung was born in Alaska to an archaeologist from Colorado and a Koyukon woman. (AUDIO: The Land of the Dead)

Barbara Wright was a student teacher in Cricklewood in London, living in a rented room. (PROSE: The Witch Hunters)

Joss Laws was born. (PROSE: The Wheel of Ice)

Winston Churchill was serving as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (PROSE: The Witch Hunters)

Bo Didley recorded the song "Mona" in a studio in Chicago. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead)

All countries on E364449 except China regarded 1954 as the apex of human society. (PROSE: All the Fun of the Fear)
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