The 1953 FA Cup Final, or Blackpool vs Bolton Wanderers, referred to a football match which ended the 1953 FA Cup.

Blackpool was down 3-1 when their player Stanley Matthews did three set-ups in the last 20 minutes, which allowed his team to score. Bill Perry scored the final goal of the match and Blackpool won 4-3.

John Ellis charged his son Alan Ellis' friends a shilling each to watch the match on his new television. Alan enjoyed the match a great deal, punching the air when Perry scored the winning goal. He joked that Perry had wings on his feet, which was why he was called a winger. After travelling to the future, John discovered that his son Alan was now elderly and suffering from Alzheimer's disease. When John discussed the match with him, Alan recalled that Blackpool had won but he failed to recognise his father. (TV: Out of Time)

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