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1951 was the year that the Doctor's companions, Jo Grant (PROSE: /Carpenter/Butterfly/Baronet) and Sarah Jane Smith, (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith) were born. John Grainger was also born this year. (PROSE: Incongruous Details)

On 18 August, Sarah Jane's parents, Eddie and Barbara Smith, died in a car accident on a country lane outside of the village of Foxgrove. Sarah Jane was subsequently raised by Eddie's sister Lavinia Smith. (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith)

The infant Sarah Jane Smith. (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith)

The First Doctor, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright moved a replica of the Stone of Scone to Arbroath Abbey, where it was accidentally broken in two. (PROSE: Set in Stone)

On 16 April, Owain Vine was born. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

Before 25 May, the Seventh Doctor and Ace attended the Festival of Britain. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus) The Eighth Doctor also passed through the Festival at the same time. He briefly saw his past self and his former companion but did not recognise either of them. (PROSE: Endgame) The Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot visited the Festival and encountered a Vardan. (AUDIO: The British Invasion)

On 22 June, the last Witchcraft Act was repealed in the United Kingdom. (TV: The Dæmons)

The first radio telescope was invented. (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

Mrs Randall was given a prize as "Miss Ealing." (TV: Eye of the Gorgon)

The local people of Lapperton on the Dorset Coast found the face of a large creature stuck inside the cliff. The Eleventh Doctor identified the creature as a Demigod. It broke free in search of its other half. For the first time in a while, it went away. (COMIC: The Cliff Face)

Annette Billingsley started publishing The Troubleseekers series of books. (PROSE: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage)

Carla Morgan was born. (PROSE: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

Mary Jane Powell died falling off a balcony. (PROSE: Rose)