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On 25 December 1950, the First Doctor, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright stole the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey. (PROSE: Set in Stone)

Professor Zaroff disappeared from public life and began his efforts to find and raise Atlantis. (TV: The Underwater Menace)

The Royal Air Force officer Squadron Leader Ian Gilmore was assigned to Berlin, where he befriended a Czech medic named Nadia Červenka. They shared several drinks as well as rations. He and his troops rendered assistance to the Berliners in rebuilding their city in the aftermath of World War II. Due to the increasingly contentious Cold War, his troops were eventually airlifted out of Germany with Červenka's assistance. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence)

Stephanie and James Wilton found Mr Rees' skeleton and music box, in which he placed his mind, at the bottom of his well in London. (AUDIO: The Reesinger Process)

New York City's total population was 7,891,957, 1,784,200 of whom were foreign-born. (TV: The Gathering)

In December, Rhodes fought with the US Army against the Red Chinese, who came across the Yalu out of Manchuria, on a frozen hilltop south of the Changjin Reservoir in Korea. (COMIC: The Good Soldier)

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