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1943 in

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Timeline for 1943
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On 28 October 1943, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited the USS Eldridge in Philadelphia Bay. (AUDIO: The Macros)

In November, Lt. Commander Henry Clarke, a member of the Naval Intelligence Division, was posted to special duties. (AUDIO: Criss-Cross)

A skirmish between Soviet soldiers and British reservists at Maiden's Point in Northumberland took an otherworldly turn as the ancient plans of the evil entity Fenric came to fruition. Fenric was defeated with help from the Seventh Doctor and Ace. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

While Nikola Tesla died penniless, (PROSE: History's Finest) Liz Shaw, companion of the Third Doctor, was born. (PROSE: The Devil Goblins from Neptune)

The Doctor confronts Fenric. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

The Thirteenth Doctor was accidentally stranded in 1943, France where she was confronted by the Spy Master. (TV: Spyfall)

A German U-boat which was patrolling the English Channel during this year was sent forward in time to October 1964, where it threatened to torpedo the Isle of Wight ferry. Sir Toby Kinsella of the Intrusion Counter-Measures Group ordered Group Captain Ian Gilmore and his squad to investigate and render assistance to the personnel of the nearby Lanchester Naval Base. (AUDIO: State of Emergency)

Shurik Barkov was born in Russia. (AUDIO: Peshka)

James Wilton was born. (AUDIO: The Reesinger Process)

Rosa Parks boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. However, the bus driver informed her that the front entrance was not for "coloureds" and instructed her to exit and enter the bus again from the back door. Parks refused to prompting the driver to forced her off the bus and told her to come in the through the back entrance. Parks attempted to walk back on but the driver closed the door behind her and drove off. (TV: Rosa)

Parallel universe

In a parallel universe in which Great Britain had become a fascist republic, the British Royal Family were executed during this year. (TV: Inferno)