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Timeline for 1942
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In January 1942, the Third Doctor encountered several Nazi soldiers in France. (COMIC: Timebenders)

On 15 January, Charley Pollard arrived on the SS Batavia. (AUDIO: The Girl Who Never Was)

On 28 July, the American Federation of Musicians' recording ban first started, banning American artists from recording music. (PROSE: Atom Bomb Blues)

The German calendar for January 1942. (COMIC: Timebenders)

Reports of vampires emerged from Romania. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

The British conducted a raid into occupied France. (PROSE: Survival)

On 24 December, Oskar Steinmann supervised the first test of a "flying bomb" at Peenemunde. (PROSE: Just War)

Gerald Kneale died, becoming one of the few Torchwood Institute operatives not to be killed on active service. (COMIC: Rift War! Part Six: Circles)

Ben Jackson (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People) and Polly Wright were born this year, (PROSE: The Murder Game, AUDIO: Resistance) as was Anthony Chambers. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

The Doctor visited the labyrinth under Buda Castle, which was being used as a military hospital. (AUDIO: The Labyrinth of Buda Castle)

One of the believed causes of the Time Fracture is a bomb or something more sinister detonating during the Blitz in 1942. (WC: Tia Kofi Enters the Time Fracture!)