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In 1938, Adolf Hitler obtained the Validium Arrow, one of the key components of the Nemesis statue. Around the same time, the Nemesis statue passed Earth, heralding Hitler's annexation of Austria and the coming outbreak of World War II. (TV: Silver Nemesis)

Dated events

Statue of Liberty at Winter Quay

The Statue of Liberty becomes a Weeping Angel. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

On 3 April, in New York City, Rory Williams was sent back in time by the Weeping Angels from 2012. Later, baby Weeping Angels displaced him in space to Winter Quay, a "battery farm" for humans the Angels could send back in time. Seeing an older Rory die in one of Winter Quay's rooms that day, Rory and his wife, Amy, created a temporal paradox by jumping off Winter Quay's roof, undoing the older Rory's death and destroying the hotel. Amy, Rory, their son-in-law, the Eleventh Doctor, and their daughter, River Song, were returned to 2012. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

Curse of the Scarab Five and Peri

The Fifth Doctor and Peri Brown in Hollywood. (COMIC: The Curse of the Scarab)

On 14 May, Peri Brown was abducted from Hollywood by the Threshold. She was later returned there by the Seventh Doctor. (COMIC: The Curse of the Scarab, Ground Zero)

On 30 October, in New York City, Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre performed an adaptation of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds on CBS Radio. The broadcast caused nationwide panic across the United States of America. Although calm soon settled as the American people realised that it was only a play, the public remained unaware that certain elements of the production were based on actual events. The Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard were present in New York City at the time. (AUDIO: Invaders from Mars)

Security Bot 1938 gun

The Laiderplacker gun found beneath Brooklyn Bridge. (GAME: Security Bot)

Shortly after the War of the Worlds incident, one of the Laiderplacker radiation guns was retrieved beneath the Brooklyn Bridge and taken to the Leamington Spa Lifeboat Museum. (GAME: Security Bot)

Before Christmas, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and his parents moved from British India to the United Kingdom. (PROSE: Island of Death)

Madge and Spaceman

Madge Arwell meets the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

On 25 December, Madge Arwell met a "Spaceman Angel", in actuality the Eleventh Doctor, stuck back to front in a impact suit. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

Also on this date, the eight-year-old Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was given a box of toy soldiers by his namesake paternal grandfather, who promptly asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Alistair was not pleased with his present. (COMIC: The Warkeeper's Crown)

Undated events


River Song regenerates in Nazi Germany. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

The Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS, damaged by Mels' gun, crash-landed in Hitler's study in Berlin, inadvertently stopping the torture of Hitler by the Teselecta. In the confusion, Hitler shot Mels, causing her to regenerate, revealing herself as Melody Pond. Hitler was punched by Rory Williams and forced into a closet. Melody poisoned the Eleventh Doctor, shutting down his regenerative abilities. Having later captured Melody, one of the biggest war criminals in history, the Teselecta computer told the Doctor that a religious order called the Silence wanted him dead. Amy Pond caused the crew to evacuate from the ship to escape from the antibodies, releasing her daughter. After the Doctor succumbed to the poison, Melody used up her remaining regeneration energy to revive him, once she learnt that she would become his closest friend River Song one day. The Doctor then took River away to the Sisters of the Infinite Schism to recover. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

In what became known as "the Cambridge University Fiasco", an archaeological team attempted and failed to open the Devil's Hump. (TV: The Dæmons)

Mr Bayles began working as a butcher in Crook Marsham. (PROSE: Nightshade)

Joe Louis beat German heavyweight challenger Max Schmeling in a New York boxing match. Cody McBride was amongst the spectators. (PROSE: Illegal Alien)

In the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of the Ebro River was a decisive Nationalist victory over the Republicans. It was the crucial battle of the war and paved the way for Francisco Franco to seize power in 1939. He ruled Spain until his death in 1975. (AUDIO: Fiesta of the Damned)

The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Melanie Bush arrived in Spain during the Civil War. The Doctor intended to give his companions "a taste of the real Spain". They ended up with a group of Republicans who were on the run from Franco's fascist army and also fought an alien seeding device, the God Seed. (AUDIO: Fiesta of the Damned)

Seth Barnes Nicholson discovered two of the Ancient Twelve moons of Jupiter, Lysithea and Carme. (PROSE: To the Slaughter)

The Podesta family, which included Victor Podesta and his sister Emmeline Pankhurst, disappeared entirely. (TV: The Gathering)
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