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On 10 March 1935, Death in the Clouds, a mystery novel by Agatha Christie, was first published. Although she had forgotten the events of her adventure with the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble in December 1926, a subconscious memory of those events inspired her to write this book, which was destined to remain in print to the year 5,000,000,000. A facsimile edition of Death in the Clouds published in this year was obtained by the Doctor. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

The Second Doctor and Jamie in Tibet. (TV: The Abominable Snowmen)

Edward Travers helped the Second Doctor defeat the Great Intelligence and the Robot Yeti in Tibet, (TV: The Abominable Snowmen, The Web of Fear) and tried to report the event to the War Department. (PROSE: Background)

On 25 December, the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush visited England. (PROSE: 24 Crawford Street)

Branwell Damien Fleming died in Ireland. (AUDIO: Iterations of I)

Emma-Louise Cowell was born. (TV: Out of Time)

Elvis Presley was born 37 years after 1898. (AUDIO: Grand Theft Cosmos)

Edwin Pratt, later known as Slake, was born in San Francisco. (PROSE: Vampire Science)