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In 1930, due to the onset of the Great Depression, New York City's Central Park housed one of several tent cities called Hooverville, inhabited by the unemployed and homeless in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash. (TV: Daleks in Manhattan)

Ramsay MacDonald was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in this year. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)

Dated events

In June, the Fourth Doctor, K9 and Romana II arrived in London during a heatwave. (PROSE: The English Way of Death)

On 14 July, the BBC broadcast a television adaptation of The Man with the Flower in His Mouth by Luigi Pirandello. This was the first television drama to be produced in the United Kingdom. (PROSE: The Wheel of Ice)

Hooverville in Central Park. (TV: Daleks in Manhattan)

On 4 October, the airship R101 left London, supposedly bound for Karachi in India. Aboard were two stowaways: the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte Pollard. On 5 October, shortly after its rendezvous with a Triskele spaceship, the R101 was attacked by a Vortisaur and crashed into the fields of northern France. All aboard were presumed killed; in actuality, Charley and the Doctor had escaped on a Vortisaur, while Lord Tamworth stayed behind on the Triskele spaceship. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)

On 24 October, the sentient anomaly known as Kappa 12 opened several singularities on Earth but was stopped by the Fourth Doctor and Nicholas Clement. (PROSE: The Northern Heights)

On 1 November, the Cult of Skaro began their preparations for the Final Experiment, after having kidnapped humans to make them into a new race with human and Dalek DNA. Dalek Sec became a human-Dalek hybrid, and was later betrayed and killed by his colleagues for doing so. The Tenth Doctor turned the hybrid army created as part of this experiment against Daleks Thay and Jast, but Dalek Caan destroyed the race and escaped via temporal shift. (TV: Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks)

November 1st 1930 issue of New York Record reported on disappearances form the city's Hooverville, controversy surrounding welfare, and a predicted downturn in profits for the North Western railway. The front page also featured a headline "Panama Canal runs dry?" (TV: Daleks in Manhattan)

On 31 December, the Eighth Doctor and his companion Charley celebrated New Year's Eve in Singapore. (AUDIO: Seasons of Fear)

Undated events

The Fourth Doctor visited the planet Tigella, where he saw the Dodecahedron and befriended the planet's leader, Zastor. Zastor remembered the Doctor as one who "can see the strings that bind the universe together and mend them when they break." (TV: Meglos)

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was born in British India. (PROSE: Blood Heat, No Future, Island of Death)

The Eleventh Doctor and Clara visited Baghdad in this year. On the way there, a sandstorm blew them off course and they met Amy Johnson. While the Doctor visited Omar the fez maker, Clara had a conversation with Amy in a hotel. They were pursued by members of the Howling Swarm, who were after the deserter Korgatta, who was hidden in the sandstorm. With the help of Flight Corporal Arnold Bradshaw, Korgatta grew large on the region's abundant oil and natural gas, and kidnapped the Doctor and Omar so that he could use the Doctor's knowledge of interdimensional travel. However, when Arnold realised that Korgatta was a deserter, he went mad and started punching him, making them both crash into an obstacle. Amy and Clara flew in to rescue them, and the Doctor convinced the Prime Mother of the Howling Swarm that Earth must be saved. (COMIC: A Wing and a Prayer)

The North Los Angeles Cabal summoned a fully armoured Godfather of the Eleven-Day Empire to Hollywood, where he was caught on film by John Selzner. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Sinead Iona Fleming was murdered by her husband Branwell Damien Fleming on Fleming's Island off the coast of Ireland. (AUDIO: Iterations of I)

The earliest known ancestor of Bernice Summerfield, Jonah Summerfield I, was born. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

Future Russian cosmonaut Anna Volokova was born. (AUDIO: Zone 10)

The population of Manhattan, New York City was 1,867,000. (TV: The Gathering)