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On 8 December 1926, Professor Gerald Peach, Miss Chandrakala and Roger Curbishley were murdered by Reverend Arnold Golightly at Eddison Manor through methods similar to Agatha Christie novels. The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble met Agatha Christie and investigated the murders. Golightly revealed himself as a Vespiform and chased Agatha. Donna threw the pendant that connected Agatha's mind to Golightly's into a lake before he could kill her, causing Golightly to drown and Agatha to lose her memories. The Doctor took Agatha ahead ten days to a hotel in Harrogate to put history back on track. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

On 2 June, the cargo ship SS Bernice set sail from Bombay. (TV: Carnival of Monsters) On 4 June, the crew of the SS Bernice vanished from the Indian Ocean to become an exhibit in Vorg's Miniscope. Due to the intervention of the Third Doctor, the crew were eventually returned to their original time with no memory of having left. (TV: Carnival of Monsters)

On 31 October, Harry Houdini died in Detroit. (PROSE: Who-Dini?)

The Doctor and Donna ensure that Agatha Christie's history is back on track. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

In November, the tigress Dawon's owner was killed in the anti-British Empire protests in Burma. (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

On 31 December, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) played All India in the 2nd Unofficial Test match of the scene in Calcutta, British India. The MCC won the match by four wickets. The Fifth Doctor considered it to be one of the best cricket matches of all time. (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

An author of boys' stories for The Ensign magazine vanished from his home in England this year. He was transported to the Land of Fiction, where he became the Master of the Land. (TV: The Mind Robber)

The Celestial Toymaker abducted several people from Switzerland and forced them to play his games. With the aid of the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex, all but Swapnil Khan were returned. (AUDIO: The Magic Mousetrap)

Ann Talbot and Lord Charles Cranleigh married. The Fifth Doctor attended the reception at Cranleigh Hall in Oxfordshire. (PROSE: The Sands of Time)

The Tenth Doctor visited Hollywood and met Archie Maplin, Emily Winter and Matthew Finnegan. He noted the city's famous "Hollywoodland" sign, commenting that he always preferred the sign before the "Land" was removed from the end of it. (COMIC: Silver Scream)

In one of his first seven incarnations, the Doctor attended a baseball game where Babe Ruth hit three home runs. (PROSE: Illegal Alien)

Other timelines

The disappearance of the crew of the SS Bernice became a minor mystery along the lines of the Mary Celeste in succeeding years. However, the Doctor changed history in a minor way by returning the crew to their proper place in time and space, negating the vessel's notoriety. (TV: Carnival of Monsters)

In John Smith's possible future, Joan Redfern had two daughters and a son by this year. (PROSE: Human Nature, TV: The Family of Blood)