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On 20 January 1920, Toshiko Sato's grandfather was born in Japan. (TV: Captain Jack Harkness)

In November, the Second Doctor, Ben Jackson, Polly Wright and Jamie McCrimmon visited Kent. (AUDIO: The Mouthless Dead)

On 5 December, Kathy Nightingale, having been touched by the Weeping Angels in 2007, was transported to Hull on this date. Stranded, she established a new life for herself, eventually marrying Ben Wainwright and raising a family. (TV: Blink)

In Prague, the word "robot", meaning "forced labour" in Czech, was coined by Karel Capek. (COMIC: The Broken Man; AUDIO: Children of Steel)

Meanwhile in England, Agatha Christie's first book was published this year. (AUDIO: The Chimes of Midnight)

The Eleventh Doctor and Harry Houdini defeated the Cuculus in New York City. (PROSE: Houdini and The Space Cuckoos)

1920 equated to 5681 in the Jewish calendar. (AUDIO: The Mouthless Dead)

New York City's total population was 5,620,042, 2,028,160 of whom were foreign-born. (TV: The Gathering)