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In 1909, the Charrl attempted to colonise Earth through the Great Divide. Over fourteen women were attacked by Charrl and incubated with Charrl eggs. According to one account, Bernice Summerfield lived in London for two months. (PROSE: Birthright) According to a second account, Benny only visited London for a week in April. (AUDIO: Birthright)

Dated events

January - June

On 2 February, Mollie Wilkins saw what she thought was a large man in the shadows of a London street. When she approached the man he vanished.

On 3 February, Lil Nuttall was sliced open by a Charrl while she was walking down Fournier Street with Ernie Wright. After witnessing the murder, Ernie went to Spitalfields market and attracted the attention of Constable Reggie Hawkins. Hawkins followed Ernie back to the body and began to arrest him, but was stopped by the Seventh Doctor, who hypnotised Hawkins into thinking that Ernie was elsewhere when the murder occurred. (PROSE: Birthright) The Doctor then visited Margaret Waterfield. He prepared her for the arrival of Bernice Summerfield. (PROSE: Prelude Birthright)

Due to the manipulation of Muldwych, the Seventh Doctor's TARDIS was split into two halves. These halves retained the TARDIS' police box exterior, but were not capable of travelling through time and space. One of them landed in the River Thames in mid February. Bernice Summerfield was inside the TARDIS and was left stranded in London. Using a business card that she found in the TARDIS a few minutes before, Benny found her way to 39 Dean Street, where Margaret Waterfield was waiting for her. (PROSE: Birthright)

Raven Peninsula seconds before it is separated from Scotland by earthquakes caused by the Sea Devils. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death)

On 6 March, the Raven Peninsula was separated from Scotland by Sea Devils. It later became known as Raven's Isle and served as a Sea Devil breeding ground. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death)

On 7 March, The Scotsman published an article about the separation of the Raven Peninsula. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death)

By the end of March, four women had been killed by the Charrl in London. There were many popular theories among the public: many said that the women were killed as part of a Jewish conspiracy, the superstitious thought the culprit was Spring-heeled Jack, others believed that the murders were the work of a secret society such as the Knights Templar or the Freemasons, and some thought that gangs such as the Tongs were responsible. (PROSE: Birthright)

Sometime in the spring, the Galerie d'Art de Parisiennes had its grand reopening. An alien which had the ability to go inside paintings was at the event. After it began kidnapping the guests, the Twelfth Doctor investigated the disappearances and was also sucked into a painting. After rescuing the other victims, the Doctor returned to reality. He then trapped the alien in a painting, saving the gallery-goers from having their lives drained. (COMIC: Gallery)

By 14 April, seven women had been murdered by the Charrl.

On 15 April, Bernice Summerfield met Mikhail Popov in a pub in Spitalfields. Benny was attacked by a member of the Brotherhood of the New Dawn on her way back to Dean Street. Popov saved her from the thug and the two had dinner at the Great Eastern Hotel.

On 16 April, another woman was killed by a Charrl. Jared Khan took control of Margaret Waterfield's mind and forced her to search her home for Benny's TARDIS key. Worrying that Benny was getting too close to discovering that he was helping the Charrl, Kahn made Magaret kill herself. Kahn made the police arrest Benny and she was interned at Holloway Prison.

On 17 April, seven women were killed over the course of one night.

On 18 April, Kahn had another prisoner attempt to threaten Benny into saying where the TARDIS key was, but Benny was able to defend herself. Later that day, prime minister Herbert Asquith found a note left for him by John Smith, telling him to get Benny out of prison. Asquith went to Holloway and freed Benny.

On 20 April, Margaret Waterfield's funeral occurred. The only attendants were Benny, Popov, Agatha, and Margaret, although the Seventh Doctor had a wreath of white lilies delivered.

On 21 April, Benny and Popov were attacked by a Charrl. They both managed to escape relatively unharmed, but the Charrl incubated Benny with Charrl eggs.

On 23 April, the temporal link between 1909 Earth and Antykhon was almost stabilised. Ace, Muldwych, Korin, and Seeba went through the Great Divide and appeared in Hanbury Street. They encountered Reggie Hawkins and saw the business card that the Seventh Doctor had given to him two months earlier. They followed the business card to Dean Street, where Ace was reunited with Benny.

The parts of the TARDIS were combined together and the TARDIS became whole again. Jared Khan achieved his centuries old goal of getting into the Doctor's TARDIS. He abandoned his physical body and tried to take over the TARDIS, but he was stopped by Benny. Muldwych used the TARDIS to sever the Great Divide from 1909, sucking up almost all of the Charrl eggs that were growing in the victims of the Charrl. (PROSE: Birthright)

July - December

In early September, a group of Zygons were caught in a stellar calamity and crashed in the Lake District. The brains of both the Skarasen were damaged, leading to them becoming violent and making it nearly impossible for the Zygons to harvest milk. Knowing that the nearest rescue ship was centuries away, the Zygons decided to take over the world.

Men hunt for the "Beast of Westmorland" in the Lake District. (PROSE: Sting of the Zygons)

They released the Skarasens. One of them attacked a farm and gained the attention of hunters all across England. Even King Edward VII was interested in the "beast of Westmorland", he scheduled a visit to the lake district shortly after the Skarasen was first seen. The Zygons planned on killing the King. At the King's funeral they would impersonate a photographer and kill all of the important political figures attending with a gun disguised as a camera.

On 16 September, the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones landed in the Lake District. Over the course of the next three days, they discovered the Zygon plot and stopped them before they could assassinate the King. (PROSE: Sting of the Zygons)

On 24 December, Missy helped some thieves steal the Scottish Crown Jewels from Edinburgh Castle. They managed to get away due to ineptitude of Habitas Frond, a police officer. Missy later used Frond as her plaything after a chance encounter on the train out of Edinburgh, before killing him. (PROSE: Missing Habitas Frond)

Undated events

Jack Harkness was the only survivor of an attack by fairies in Lahore. (TV: Small Worlds)

Constance Clarke was born. (AUDIO: The Middle)

Bessy Tiplington was born. (AUDIO: The Vanity Box)

Sam Doyle was born. (AUDIO: Submission)

Benny Goodman was born. (AUDIO: The Entropy Composition)