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In 1904, Iris Wildthyme and her companion Panda encountered the supernatural detective Thomas Carnacki in Mocata Grange in England. (AUDIO: Iris Rides Out)

The Royal Leadworth Hospital was built. (PROSE: Around Leadworth)

On 12 August, the Wilmington Newsletter had the headline "Wilmington Emerge Victorious Over Kinsbroke". (TV: From Out of the Rain)

The Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka, and Turlough visited St Petersburg, Russia. (PROSE: Gudok)

The Palisades Theatre was opened in Cardiff. (TV: From Out of the Rain)

George Formby was born in Lancashire. (PROSE: Dear John)

The Thirteenth Doctor sent 200 cyborg clones of Harry Houdini into the subways of New York City. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)