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Timeline for 1885
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1885 was one of the years visited by the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom at Christmas as they unknowingly followed Robert's distress signal. (PROSE: The Little Drummer Boy)

Torchwood Three was founded in Cardiff. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

At some point, Theodorus van Gogh passed away, driving his son into further depression. (PROSE: Vincent van Gogh)

In July, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond encountered the Northampton to Euston railway train. (COMIC: Track Attack)

On 15 September, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith visited the town of St Thomas to see P. T. Barnum's circus. After the show ended, the animals that performed were transported across a nearby train-track to their boxcars. As the elephants Jumbo and Tom Thumb were transported across the track, a train came along. Jumbo attempted to run away from it, but was unsuccessful. The impact killed Jumbo. If it weren't for the Doctor's TARDIS blocking the only path off of the train-track, Jumbo would have been able to avoid the train and survive. (AUDIO: The Wondrous Box)

H. G. Wells in 1885. (TV: Timelash)

H. G. Wells encountered the Sixth Doctor in Scotland and journeyed with him to the planet Karfel, where he helped defeat the despotic Borad. (TV: Timelash)

Christopher, a Vespiform undercover in Delhi, India drowned when the Jamuna River flooded its banks in a great monsoon. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)