Timeline for 1875
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1875 was the year that the Eighth Doctor visited the Dakota Territory of the United States. There, he met General George Armstrong Custer of the United States Army and Running Bear and Chief Sitting Bull of the Lakota Sioux. He also became reacquainted with Destrii, who was seriously injured by her uncle, Jodafra, and his plan to use the Windigo. It was therefore in this year that Destrii became a travelling companion of the Doctor, with their first journey together being to a hospital to heal the wounds that she sustained. (COMIC: Bad Blood)

Pai'ngya participated in a Ghost Dance ceremony and was visited by a dakina. Two weeks later, he killed and scalped James Rufus Daly and stole his rifle, which became the A'daltem Ano'nde. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Gerald Kneale was born. (TV: To the Last Man)

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