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1872 was perhaps most famous on Earth for the discovery of the completely abandoned Mary Celeste in the mid-Atlantic. There were conflicting accounts of the fate of the crew and passengers — but all of them involved the Doctor and/or Daleks. (TV: The Chase, PROSE: The Mystery of the Marie Celeste, COMIC: A Stitch in Time)

The Mary Celeste moments before the TARDIS landed. (TV: The Chase)

The Fourth Doctor and Leela visited Easter Island. (PROSE: Eye of Heaven)

The Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited England, where they became involved in the conflict between the Kaveetch and the Sontarans. (AUDIO: The First Sontarans)

Iris Wildthyme was called "Madam" for the last time. (AUDIO: The Panda Invasion)

On 3 February, Joseph Sundvik died. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

Gideon Tarry established Tretarri to house his workers. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)

Edward Linfoot died. (AUDIO: Plague of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

One possible "game over" for the video game Don't Blink has the player being sent back in time by a Weeping Angel to the year 1872 to die on the Mary Celeste.

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