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In April 1865, the Fifth Doctor, Peri Brown and Erimem visited the United States as the American Civil War was drawing to a close. (PROSE: Blood and Hope)

On 9 April, the Fifth Doctor prevented U.S. President Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated in Richmond, Virginia by Aaron Eddowes. (PROSE: Blood and Hope) On the 14th, Lincoln was mortally wounded in Ford's Theatre in Washington DC by John Wilkes Booth. (AUDIO: Assassin in the Limelight)

On 4 July, the first edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was published by MacMillan. (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)

The First Doctor, Vicki Pallister, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright visited China. (PROSE: The Eleventh Tiger)

The first transatlantic telegraph cables were laid by Lord Kelvin. (PROSE: Evolution)

Ian Chesterton's paternal great-grandfather Major William "Will" Chesterton had been transferred from India to China by this year. (PROSE: The Eleventh Tiger)

The Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard visited the United States in the hope of meeting the Victorian explorer Pieter Mon Marchè. (AUDIO: The Man Who Wasn't There)

Paris was "peaceful and prosperous" under the reign of Napoleon III. (PROSE: World Game)

A house at 39 Bannerman Road was constructed. (AUDIO: The Ghost House)

At some point, the Renegade Time Lord and Designer Berenyi was hired to Design an assassination in a theatre, and this job led her to be hired by a 22nd century German who wanted John F. Kennedy to be assassinated. (PROSE: Untitled)

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