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Timeline for 1851
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The Tenth Doctor considered 1851 a "nice year, bit dull." (TV: The Next Doctor)

On 1 February, Mary Shelley, a former companion of the Eighth Doctor, died. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith met a reprise of Mary Shelley in Europa. (PROSE: Managra)

From May to October, the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was held in London. It was based in a purpose-built venue called the Crystal Palace. The Fifth Doctor wanted to take Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka to the Exhibition as "a treat" in the wake of Adric's death, but instead ended up on the tarmac of Heathrow Airport in 1982. (TV: Time-Flight) The Eighth Doctor took his companions Charley Pollard and C'rizz to the Great Exhibition, shortly after their departure from the Divergent Universe. While there, Charley met and befriended the elderly Duke of Wellington. (AUDIO: Other Lives) The Eleventh Doctor took his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams to the Great Exhibition, where they encountered the Hypothetical Gentleman. (COMIC: Hypothetical Gentleman) Henry Gordon Jago witnessed Michael Faraday demonstrate electricity at the Great Exhibition. (AUDIO: The Mahogany Murderers)

The Tenth Doctor confronts the CyberKing. (TV: The Next Doctor)

On 12 September, the Seventh Doctor arrived in London and stopped the Klathi from destroying the city. (COMIC: Claws of the Klathi!)

In late November to early December, Jackson Lake, having recently relocated his family to London, encountered the Cybermen. They killed his wife and abducted his son. His memories and personality were replaced by those of the Doctor, leading him to believe that he had undergone a regeneration. In the coming weeks Lake investigated the Cybermen, dubbed a hot-air balloon the TARDIS, and recruited a companion, Rosita. (TV: The Next Doctor)

The Seventh Doctor meets Nathaniel Derridge. (COMIC: Claws of the Klathi!)

On 24 December, the Tenth Doctor visited London, where he encountered the Cybermen and Jackson Lake, now fully immersed in his new personality as the Doctor. (TV: The Next Doctor) The next day, the Tenth Doctor saved Jackson Lake's son, Frederic, as well as dozens of orphans working in the court of the Cyber-King. Using Jackson's TARDIS, the Doctor prevented the Cybermen from cyber-converting the Earth with the CyberKing. (TV: The Next Doctor) The Eleventh Doctor later pondered that this event was not remembered by the people that witnessed it due to the cracks in time, which could erase people and events from history. (TV: Flesh and Stone)

Thomas Brewster's mother died, having committed suicide by throwing herself into the River Thames. Her funeral would be the first memory of her son, who was then only four years old. (AUDIO: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster)

Warren Gadd was born. (AUDIO: Beautiful Things)

Professor Cedric Scrivener brought Abasi, a native of the Congo, back to the United Kingdom to work as his servant.

Annie was born. (AUDIO: The Ghosts of Gralstead)

The Brighton Pavilion was opened. (AUDIO: Gallery of Ghouls)

The Fourth Doctor planned to visit Brighton in this year. (AUDIO: The Trouble with Drax)