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The Twelfth Doctor and Bill visit the 1814 frost fair. (TV: Thin Ice)

The last of the great frost fairs took place between 1st and 5th February 1814. (AUDIO: Frostfire) One account suggests that the frost was caused by the Hyban Masoon, who came to Earth and froze the Thames. (PROSE: The Frozen) Another suggests that it was caused by a giant sea serpent chained to the river bed. (TV: Thin Ice)

Stalls and attractions[]

An elephant walks across the frozen River Thames. (TV: Thin Ice)

The 1814 frost fair was most famous for an elephant which walked across the ice. Other attractions included wrestling, sword swallowing, skittles, cartwheel performers, magicians, a ring toss, M. G. Clark Printing Co., souvenir shops, bookshops, strongmen, pubs - including The Nelson Arms, The City of Moscow and "try your luck" stalls. (TV: Thin Ice)

The frost fair featured "a lot of day drinking". Stalls were set up on the ice selling various foods and beverages. Meats included shish kebab, shish chicken, ox cheek, Lapland Mutton and sheep hearts. Pies sold included meat pies, fish pies and chicken pies. Gingerbread and gin stalls were also present. (TV: Thin Ice)

Visits by the Doctor and their companions[]

After Masoon came to Earth and froze the Thames, the Tenth Doctor visited the fair with Mai Kondo, whom he also took ice skating. (PROSE: The Frozen)

The First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Vicki Pallister also visited the 1814 frost fair. (AUDIO: Frostfire)

The Eleventh Doctor, River Song and Stevie Wonder visited the same fair for River's birthday. Wonder performed for them in private, under one of the bridges. Given his blindness, Wonder was unaware that he had travelled in time. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

The Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts arrived accidentally on February 4th; the day before the thaw. Investigating people disappearing on the ice, which turned out to be a giant sea serpent. Lord Sutcliffe planned to blow open the ice during the Fair, enabling the serpent to feed on them all. However the Doctor placed the explosives next to the creature, freeing it from its' chains. When Sutcliffe went onto the ice to investigate, the serpent cracked the ice and Sutcliffe fell through. (TV: Thin Ice)