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On 17 July 6012, a rocket with humans and Hath arrived on the planet Messaline, and they used robot drones to build an underground city. Before long, though, the mission commander died. After his death, they could not decide on who to replace him as their leader, and so the humans and Hath split up into two separate factions, beginning the seven-day Human-Hath War, which finally ended on the 24th. (TV: The Doctor's Daughter)

The day after Saturn V's launch in 1969, the Tenth Doctor told off the secret agents, Spencer and Milledge for hiding an alien species' transmission just so they could "pervert a pure and innocent gesture of faith into a weapon" with which to win the Cold War. The Doctor, after recording the signal at Mission Control with a dictaphone to use for later, surrendered himself to the agents. The agents knocked the Doctor out and locked in an office. (PROSE: Blue Moon)

In 1987, Simon Jenkins — known as "the Capper" because he kneecapped people — set himself on fire in a public courtyard. His charred body was evacuated to South Park Hospital where the staff attempted to save him. He briefly showed extraordinary, impossible signs of life, then appeared to conclusively die. Dr Polly Fielding formally filed his death certificate. Only he wasn't dead. (PROSE: Damaged Goods)

17 July was also the release date of both The Pink Panther and Date Movie, at least according to advertisements in a Cardiff supermarket. (TV: Out of Time)

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