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Earth of the 1730s was visited occasionally by the Doctor.

Britain[edit | edit source]

In 1730, 10 Downing Street was occupied by "a nice chap called Mr Chicken" whom the Doctor met. (TV: World War Three)

In an alternate timeline created by Sabbath's superiors, the twenty-one-year-old Sabbath faced his final initiation into the Security Service in 1732. (PROSE: The Domino Effect)

The event in the proper timeline actually occurred in 1762, thirty years later. (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

In 1733, Gralstead House was built in Highgate, London by Professor Cedric Scrivener and Sir Edward Scrivener's great-great-grandfather Sir Joseph Scrivener. (AUDIO: The Ghosts of Gralstead)

The Sixth Doctor and Charlotte Pollard visited England and met Dick Turpin in 1738. (AUDIO: The Doomwood Curse)

Other events[edit | edit source]

In 1735, under the influence of the Great Intelligence, the Abbot Padmasambhava of the Det-Sen Monastery began constructing robot Yeti. (TV: The Abominable Snowmen)

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