Timeline for 1638
17th century

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On 23 November 1638, the Doctor battled Lady Peinforte with the help of Roundheads, then launched the Nemesis from a meadow in Windsor. The Doctor calculated the statue would pass Earth every twenty-five years before returning in 1988, then set his watch to remind himself. (TV: Silver Nemesis)

Some time after her initial defeat by the Doctor, Lady Peinforte hired a mathematician to calculate when the Nemesis would return to Earth. Once a date of 23 November 1988 had been calculated, she and her henchman Richard Maynarde killed the mathematician and used his blood in a black magic ritual to transport themselves to 1988, with the help of a time storm created by Fenric. (TV: Silver Nemesis, The Curse of Fenric)

At another point in this year, one of the first four incarnations of the Doctor met with Louis XIII of France. Although it was the second time that the king met the Doctor, it was the first time that the Doctor had met the king. (AUDIO: The Church and the Crown)
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