Timeline for 1601
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In 1601, Robert Catesby joined the Earl of Essex in rebellion against Elizabeth I, the Queen of England. As a result of this, he was imprisoned, fined 4,000 marks and also lost his estate. (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot)

In Bohemia, a large gathering of astronomers from around the world was held by Baroness Dagmar Ruskovitch in Castle Houska. Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler were among the invited and were joined by the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Yaz, and Ryan, where they discovered Ruskovitch attempting to pass future knowledge to the assembled minds. (COMIC: Herald of Madness)

The Fifth Doctor with William Shakespeare and Richard Burbage. (PROSE: Diary Extract)

Late in the year, William Shakespeare began writing the play Twelfth Night with plans to finish it before Candlemas 1602. When Shakespeare presented an outline of the story to the leading actor Richard Burbage at an inn, they were joined by the Fifth Doctor. Shakespeare quickly became annoyed at the criticism given to him by the Doctor and stormed out of inn shortly after the Doctor arrived. (PROSE: Diary Extract)