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15 Years of the War Master was a short animated prelude to the Self-Defence audio anthology, released on 16 June 2022 on Big Finish Productions's official YouTube channel.

As this was not referred to as a commercial trailer by Big Finish Productions, this story can be considered a valid source.


The Doctor is reunited with the War Master once more... but he's pleading for help?


As the Tenth Doctor pilots the TARDIS through the Time Vortex, he is mentally transported to a black void, where he can sense an individual nearby, and he tells them to get out of his head. A voice replies, "Doctor" — the the War Master is addressing him, telling him to pay attention — as he doesn't have much time. He asks for the Doctor's help, before it's too late. as his time is up. The Master disappears, the Doctor's mind being return to the TARDIS control room.

The Doctor is frustrated, wanting answers, but then the TARDIS being to shake, the cloister bells ringing out. Looking at the TARDIS scanner, the Doctor identifies the coordinates he's being taken to — the time lock — and he knows that they're dragging him back into the Time War...



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  • 15 Years of the War Master! was first released to YouTube on 16 June 2022, and was later re-released on Twitter on 6 August 2022.


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