Timeline for 1562
16th century

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On 1 March 1562, twenty-five Huguenots were killed at a Reform Church in Wassy, France by the Catholic Duke Francois de Guise. This act sparked the French Religious Wars. (TV: The Massacre; PROSE: The Massacre)

The Tenth Doctor marries Elizabeth I. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Also in this time period a Zygon force was operating in England. Thinking Elizabeth I was a Zygon, the Tenth Doctor proposed to her as part of a plan to defeat the Zygons, before realising he had proposed to the real Elizabeth. Later, the Eleventh Doctor, War Doctor, and Clara Oswald arrived in this time period due to time windows opened by the Moment. The three Doctors were imprisoned in the Tower of London. The Zygons froze themselves in stasis cubes, hoping to emerge when Earth was more suitable for conquest. The Tenth Doctor married Elizabeth, then left telling her he'd be back soon. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

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