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On 13 May 1593, Christopher Marlowe was recorded as having died. (PROSE: All Done with Mirrors)

According to one account, Marlowe's "death" was actually the Fourth Doctor posing as him and pretending to die to allow history to take its course. In reality, Marlowe lived on and assumed his alternate identity, William Shakespeare. (PROSE: All Done with Mirrors)

Another account stated that Marlowe had travelled to the colony of Roanoke in what would later be the United States to spy on Sir Walter Raleigh. While there, he and the rest of the colony were abducted by the Greld, who would use them in their plan to sabotage the Armageddon Convention. In this version of history, he actually died in 1609 as a result of a duel. (PROSE: The Empire of Glass)

Behind the scenes

Christopher Marlow is yet another perfect example of how the Doctor Who universe differs from the real world. Marlowe actually died on thirty May, not thirteen as in the DWU.

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