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On 13 August, the following important behind-the-scenes events were known to have occurred:

  • 1963 - Sydney Newman replied to Donald Wilson's memo of the day previous. He claimed to entirely be on Wilson's side, and asserted that he was misled as to Lime Grove's meagre production capabilities. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that they were in a pickle now that he agreed to Lime Grove on the basis of the misinformation he received. Newman said that he will "do the best [he] can" to get a studio that's capable of producing a story in which the TARDIS travellers are shrunk to miniature size. In the end, however, this story, eventually called Planet of Giants, was postponed even further than Wilson had envisaged in his memo to Newman.
  • 1969 - A meeting was held to discuss the first two and unfinished third episodes of the serial then known as The Carriers of Death, two days after a revised first episode was submitted.
  • 2007 - Recording for Max Warp took place at The Moat Studios.
  • 2011 - Recording for Road Trip took place at The Moat Studios.
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