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12 October was the birthday of two of the Doctor's companions: Izzy Sinclair in 1979 (COMIC: TV Action!) and Thomas Hector "Hex" Schofield in 1998. (AUDIO: The Harvest, Thicker Than Water, Project: Destiny)

In 1492, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown met Christopher Columbus aboard the Santa Maria. (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise)

In 1940, at 8:47 PM, the New Regency Theatre in London, which was owned and operated by the late Henry Gordon Jago in the 1890s, was destroyed in the Blitz. The hotel next to it was also destroyed but it was evacuated 47 minutes earlier, meaning that no one was killed. (AUDIO: Swan Song)

In 1970, the Great Houses began their invasion of the bottle universe by splitting open the sky above London. The front page of the Daily Mirror was a picture of the sky with the headline, "NEVER GIVE UP." (PROSE: Dead Romance)

In 1979, Beep the Meep travelled to a parallel universe, in which the Doctor's universe existed only as part of a BBC science fiction television series called Doctor Who, and took control of the BBC Television Centre. The Eighth Doctor and his companion Izzy Sinclair defeated Beep with the help of the actor Tom Baker, who infuriated him with his endless rambling. Strangely, Baker both physically resembled the Fourth Doctor and played him on the television series. The Doctor learned the truth when he discovered the first issue of Doctor Who Weekly. (COMIC: TV Action!)

In 2016, two days before the Autumn Prom, Coal Hill Academy student Kevin Williams was chased by the Shadow Kin into a classroom, where Miss Quill instructed him to blast her displacement gun at the creature. He did so, and both Kevin and the Shadow Kin were disintegrated. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

On Hex's 23rd birthday in 2021, his friend Damien Boyd died at St Gart's Brookside Hospital, where Hex worked. Meanwhile, the Seventh Doctor and Ace showed up to investigate mysterious goings-on at the same hospital, and discovered a Cyberman threat. Ace went undercover there to investigate its "C-Programme" and its possible connection to the Cybermen. Hex eventually joined the duo to help. Hex's help with the Cyber-threat earned him a place in the TARDIS once it was overcome. (AUDIO: The Harvest)