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On 12 February 1554, Lady Jane Grey was executed at the Tower of London in London. (TV: Lost in Time, PROSE: The Nine-Day Queen)

In 2144, the Fifth Doctor and Vislor Turlough arrived in Reykjavik in response to a distress call sent by the Bratanian Shroud. The Doctor and Turlough tracked the signal to an apartment owned by Lara Jensen and Kat Gunnarsdottir. When they got to the apartment, the Shroud was possessing Kat. The Doctor forced the Shroud out of Kat with a disruptor field and she fell unconscious. Lara walked in on the Doctor and Turlough over Kat's motionless body and called the police. Inspector Jill Sveinsdóttir arrived on the scene and almost arrested the Doctor. The Doctor determined that the Shroud had already killed two of his future selves by draining their artron energy. The Shroud tried to kill him for a third time by taking control of those around him, but he was able to convince the inspector to destroy the Shroud's method of survival by shutting down Reykjavik's data flow. (AUDIO: Repeat Offender)

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