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11 Cardinal Road was the address of a house in Bristol. It was rented out by the Landlord to various unsuspecting tenants. Tenants residing in the house disappeared every twenty years. (TV: Knock Knock)



Around seventy years prior to the Twelfth Doctor's intervention in 2017, Eliza fell seriously ill. She lay bed stricken within the tower of the house. Her son, John, found some strange insects and brought them to her, hoping that they might ease her suffering. When Eliza played her music box, they were awoken and drawn to her, both turning her to wood and healing her. John saw that the insects were helping his mother and vowed to help them, whatever the cost. Eliza would remain in the tower for the next seventy years. (TV: Knock Knock)


The house was rented out in 1957. The tenants disappeared and their possessions were boxed and kept in the basement. (TV: Knock Knock)


The house was again rented out in 1977. The agreement was drawn in April of that year and signed by the new tenants the following month. Again, all the tenants disappeared and their possessions were boxed and kept in the basement. Their possessions included a David Bowie vinyl single of the song "Heroes" and "V-2 Schneider". (TV: Knock Knock)


In 1997, the house was rented by Jake Christie, Annie Wren, Jonathan Frost, Sarah Tiller, Mark Hopethorne and Carl Richards. The group took a series a polaroid photographs of their time at the house, the last of which showed their failed escape from a horde of insects. (TV: Knock Knock)


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In 2017, the Landlord rented the house to Bill Potts and her friends Shireen, Felicity, Paul, Harry and Pavel. However after Eliza discovered the truth, she restored Bill's friends and let the house be destroyed by the Dryads. (TV: Knock Knock)